Clay, Dudley and Matt ? for yall

What is the one thing you’ve been most impressed with that Coach Morris has done in his short time?

To me its been the hire of Steve Caldwell… that man can coach and I am super excited about this…

Second thing, and I am not sure coach Morris did this, but the spring game in Little Rock… I think that will just be a really fun day, and I plan to be up for that. But if you think about it, its a great idea and give the Little Rock crowd a chance to get out and see and support the HOGS.

I am interested in what you guys think as you’ve covered some transitions over the years…

The game in Little Rock is, in large part, because of the stadium construction. HY and Morris both agreed it would be best.

Once the stadium is complete, I will be very interested to see if they want to make April in WMS an ongoing thing. The SEC would have to approve it, and I’m not entirely certain they would grant that request, even though Greg Sankey has been quoted as saying LR games are a tradition worth keeping. Wonder if he would have said the same thing had he been the commish in 2004 when Bama dumped decrepit Legion Field, or 1997 when OM dumped Jackson?

I would say the landing of Dorian Gerald, the mix of youthful energy and SEC experience , paying this year’s Red-White game in LR and the creativity of their social media attack.

But in no way do I think they need to play the Red-White game in Little Rock every year. I don’t think the SEC would allow that anyway, but the game needs to be held on campus on a consistent basis.

I can get down with a game in Little Rock each year, but there are many reasons for things to be in Fayetteville.

I highly doubt the spring game is in Little Rock next year.

As for the most impressive thing, it was hiring The Chief and Steve Caldwell.


… As for the most impressive thing, it was hiring The Chief and Steve Caldwell.


I’ve been most impressed with Chad Morris’ demeanor. You sometimes see coaches come in from smaller programs and seem a little overwhelmed by the attention. Morris’ actions - speeches, press conferences, etc. - seem to indicate he isn’t overwhelmed by the bigness of this job.

That is a good point… I hope he maintains that steady hand when he gets to SEC media days… That first go around can be something…

I do think Coach B did really well his second and third times at SEC media days… it really did bring a lot of national attention to our program…

This is a good point.

I hope it did not come off like I was wanting them to have the spring game in LR every year… I like having recruits at the spring game at DWR…

I think that may be a function of having been in a major media market. Even though SMU is fourth or fifth on the Metroplex pecking order, there’s still quite a bit of media there. Same applied to Tom Herman when he went from UHouston to EOE-A.

Overall organization and planning. He seems to have a model and understands what needs to happen to execute the plan. John Chavis told me that is what sold him and made him want to join Morris at Arkansas. Steve Caldwell felt the same way after visiting with both Chavis and Morris. Those two are experienced coaches and know what works and doesn’t work. The overall machine that is recruiting with Morris is impressive. Everything that’s done has a fit in the recruiting model. If it doesn’t help recruiting, it’s tossed.

Bill Blankenship coached with him at Tulsa. He said what you will notice is that his energy is constant and it creates energy within the team. He said he brings excitement and energy to practice every day. He said because he brings energy, so do his players. It’s his style and it’s contagious. They will practice fast, organized and with high energy. He said it just leads to getting more done. I trust Bill Blankenship. I’ve known him for 40 years and nothing he’s told me was ever wrong.

Hiring Chief and Steve Caldwell has impressed me.

He has not lost a game.