Clay, Dudley and insiders ? on staff budgets

Something that I would like to know is how does the budget for the Football staff go?

I think we are like 10th in the SEC, or keep hearing that. But does that mean we are like Millions off from the top staffs? Or only few hundred thousand? Like a few hundred thousand is small potatoes LOL…

Second, do you think we will have money to compete if need be?

For comparison’s sake:

LSU paid the most to its staff last year, in excess of $5.4 million.

Alabama was second in excess of $4.6 million.

Arkansas (not sure of the ranking) spent more than $3.8 million. I don’t think you’ll see Arkansas out-spend those teams any time soon, but I do think the money spent is more than enough to be competitive.

Seems to me Arkansas needs to spend top $ to attract elite coaches and recruiters moreso than school’s with better recruiting areas. If you don’t have as many Jimmy’s and Joe’s you sure as heck better coach up what you have.

All of that said it’s apparent winning in football is more important at most other SEC schools.

Bama has the highest when you throw in HC salary at $12.2M, with $5.3M for the 9 assistants. LSU is second with $10.1M, but has the highest assistant pay at $5.8M. Arkansas is 9th with $8M total, and $3.9M for the assistants.

How much more do you think they need to spend? Do you feel that the bump will be enough to attract too assistants to a currently mid-tier SEC school?

At what point do you think they should pull trigger? Do you feel like having Robb Smith up in be 850k range after a very good defensive year in 2014 was a good decision?

I ask these questions because I don’t know the answers. I agree that they need to be innovative in this and other regards. I just don’t know how much of a bump it needs to be for a guy already making close to a million a year.

I know Long tried to be proactive with Bielema when it appeared he had things moving in the right direction and might be someone people would poach. Now, people rip him for it.

This DC hire is huge. It will probably eventually determine whether Bielema survives long term.

I don’t see staff budget as problem. Sure seems like Arkansas is spending plenty on assistant salaries. It all looks crazy to me. Big, big salaries everywhere.