Clay does this look about right



That was good.

That made me smile. I can see clearly now…*&$!Tiffin.
Been there, done that. STRESS, MORE STRESS, go for
a walk.

Dude…the “stress, more stress, go for a walk” comment rings true with me.

I am totally ashamed to admit that I MISSED the dramatic ending versus TCU…because I got so churned up I took a walk. I couldn’t bear to see another 4th quarter collapse. I wasn’t having fun. I was miserable. So I went for a loooooong walk, and had a little discussion with myself. “This is ridiculous Rob. Love the Hogs. But don’t get so stressed out. Your wife survived cancer. This should be fun” I told myself. I came back and the game was over. I thought “how do I want to figure out who won”…and reached for my phone, knowing my best friend had been texting. And my phone had blown up.

This is why Frank Broyles used to just leave the stadium and walk home at halftime of stressful games. He couldn’t bear to watch. I have an easy time watching games in person. I do not enjoy watching games on TV. I guess it’s because someone else is in control of what I see. I’m not a good person to watch a TV game alongside. Not sure I can explain it, but my wife has learn to just ignore me.