Clay? Do you think our true freshmen offensive linemen can ------------------

---------------------- have a similar impact to Sam’s 2013 true freshmen starters, Kirkland and Skipper? Here is an interesting article from 2013 commenting on the impact of those freshmen helping to create the most effective PASSING offense in the nation: " Interesting, through five games those huge graders have paved the way to the most efficient passing offense in the nation, not rushing offense."

Are our current recruits anywhere close to Kirkland and Skipper quality?

Well not Clay but all three of these guys we just signed are very good football players… I’ve heard where they think st John might be the most ready but in my opinion Henderson is a freak! You can’t teach that kind of athleticism he has for a guy over 300 pounds. I think all three will provide very good depth if nothing else but I’m not going to be surprised if one of them steps in and plays a my personal opinion is it will probably be Henderson.

I don’t know how to compare any of them to Kirkland. He was a massive and powerful package. How much will Davis help the current guys probably determines that answer. Honestly, I don’t know yet. Stromberg and Limmer might be more talented than what Sam inherited last time. They get a chance in the spring to prove a few things. I don’t know if one of those could move out to tackle and learn some things this spring that get them on the field or not. You would probably expect a true freshman to play at guard before tackle. I don’t have answers to the OL questions just yet, but might soon.

Well it’s exciting to be excited about our oline again from the prospects and coaching perspective.

The key for a freshman to get on the field in offensive line is for them to be healthy over the summer and through August practices. They can’t miss a week here or there because of an ankle sprain or bump here or there. Just so much to learn. Older players can absorb a missed set of practices and still play. Not a freshman.

Clay, did Limmer get to keep his Frosh status for 2020? His high school coach said he was a heck of player and liked to dominate the defense.

I do not think Limmer played more than four games. So yes.

Beux Limmer played in four games per Arkansas’ official stats.

Those games were Colorado State and three of the last four games - Mississippi State, Western Kentucky and Missouri.

The coaching staff did not play him against LSU so he could keep the redshirt.

As for this year’s OL signees, they are all pretty solid physically.

As Clay noted, they will have to be healthy and in practice to have a chance.

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