Clay do you know how Jimmy Sexton views Arkansas

Since his influence is widespread and has had path crossing with AR hiring process many times before whether directly or indirectly. Has he left an impression of how he views our program? On a zero to ten scale with 10 being most favorable are we middling, less or very favored?? I’m sure he has no need to share any info, but are his behaviors readable by those covering our team? He has some deep TN that shows through occasionally which is diametrically opposite from Finebaum. Is Sexton likely to present the AR situation as opportunity for a big jump or are we likely to be portrayed as something like a stepping stone? Lord knows the Sexton clientele lineup can cover any vacancy…

Sexton is a vampire! Scum. He plays the money game to the T. He is part of what is wrong in college sports! All he cares about is money.

If he didn’t do it somebody else would, Army. The coaches know he’s good at his job and that’s why they hire him.

I think he views it from across the river.

All attempts at bud humor aside, I think his opinions of programs are based on one thing: Who pays the most? Arkansas pays well.

He’s a graduate of Tennessee. He doesn’t seem to helping them any.

It’s all business to him.

His job is NOT to help schools, it is to get the best situation for his clients. As SF said, if he didn’t do it, someone else would.

If I was a coach, I would hire him. His business is to get the very best deal he can for the coach. That is his job.

I don’t like the way he operates, but I can’t fault him for it. He’s good at his job. There just aren’t many top coaches—at least there don’t appear to be—but there are a bunch of schools willing to pay large dollars to find one. That drives up prices & someone like Sexton knows how to exploit it.

I suspect Sexton views us like most everyone does: we’re a mid-level SEC football team. Ahead of Vandy, UK, Missouri, & MSU. On a level with Ole Miss & So. Carolina. Below everyone else. But as a school committed to its program & willing to spend on it, we’re as good as anyone. We’ve got bucks to spend.