Clay do you go to SEC media days in Destin?

If so can you ask about the quality and consistency of officiating? The media can be a powerful tool for change. Ironically when I typed consistency my spellcheck put in “stench”.

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Which describes SEC officiating perfectly. :laughing:


No, I’ve never done that trip.

No disrespect intended, razorgator, but what good would you expect would come out of such a question?

I have every expectation that we’d get nothing but politically correct responses about how difficult it is to referee this game at the speed it is played, how hard the officials try to get it correct, etc. There would be NO satisfying acknowledgement of the type you and most others here would like to hear. It would just leave you more frustrated than before it was asked and “answered”.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea for credible people to point out officiating problems. I know they’re all going to make mistakes & I know fans are hardly objective. However, we’ve seen some horrendous calls this year. The AU fumble, the Catalon ejection, the unsportsmanlike conduct in the MU game are 3 that stand out to me. I know the league has confidential methods of dealing with bad officiating, but this year seems to have had more than the usual share.

Wiz is correct on a probable response.

Unless this issue is confronted head on like a court room litigation with precise evidence and specific replay films to show them and the refs calls in comparison with the elites of the SEC. Which will never ever happen.
SEC brass has already forgotten about any calls involving AR games.

True. Wiz is spot on about the response. I just think it’s a good idea if the SEC hears about it from the media, especially a member with Clay’s credibility.

It couldn’t hurt to keep it fresh in their heads. Let em know we haven’t forgot

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Exactly. Ask the questions. What does the NFL do differently regarding training and to maintain integrity? My impression an SEC crew is you get an accountant from Foley, a lawyer from Crestview, and an administrator from Gautier. All are trying to relive their youth and have no idea what the other is doing. They don’t act like a “crew”. Disjointed.

I have and will continue to offer to go for HI.

Just not on my dime. :sunglasses:

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Go fund me campaign for Dudley to send him to Destin in the summertime and get us some answers on this subpar officiating we continue to see.

That’s not where either Dudley or I need to be focused during the spring. I am hopeful we are getting our May and June magazines ready. And covering baseball. I’ve never seen that the SEC meetings serve a purpose for me and that’s in regards to this topic or others. There is other work that needs our attention.

I volunteer Clay. All I need is a meal allowance. I love me some seafood and key lime pie. :grinning:

Louisiana Lagniappe in Destin has both. Our favorite spot. Not sure Clay’s meal allowance south cover it.

Ate there on black Friday. Had snapper wrapped in parchment paper with stuffed shrimp on top. :grinning:

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Randy, that snapper and shrimp can’t be any good.

I would put my homemade chicken and dumplings against it. (Just kidding.) Made them last night. Well, I use Bisquick. So maybe that’s not homemade. I do start with a whole chicken in a pot of water. The broth from that is wonderful.

My go-to shrimp dish: shrimp and grits. With a side of steak (tenderloin from Richard’s Meat Market). Gage has taught me to make the grits with heavy whipping cream and fry some hog jowls as a topping. Yum.

But I’ll be glad to try that dish if I make it to Destin.


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