Clay couple questions for you

Hey Clay, hope all is well for you and the Fam.

Wanted to get your opinion on a couple things…

First, and I know this is a million dollar question, what is our problem inside the 5 yard line? Is it more than the OL? Is our QB not checking out of the wrong play and into the right maybe? TEs and FBs not meshing on Blocks? It just seems to me that is the difference in what is wrong. Are red zone %.:. Thoughts ???

Second, have you noticed some similarities between Brandon Allen and Austin Allens starts to their SR years in regards to the passing game? That game against TCU reminded me a lot of the Toledo game when the passing game was just off! Now if you remember we finished off that year with a top flight Offense and passing game. Do you see this as maybe a trend, it just takes time? Or are you seeing others flaws and alarms for concern ?


I’m not clay, but the Toledo game, BA had over 400 yards passing. I wouldn’t call that off.

Great point, I guess I am thinking more along the line of the ending and the misses to get in the end zone…

Maybe I should change to the first half of his Sr Season up until that Auburn game…

Great point

Yeah the big problem was getting into the end zone. And in the run game, which Toledo was stuffing.

They figured it out, maybe this team will, just sucks that it’s all of the above, bad pass game, run game, and red zone.

The problem early in his Brandon’s senior season had to do with not emphasizing the run. I thought they passed too much in the Toledo game. Gradually, the run was emphasized and then the play action passing (especially the bootleg) was terrific about anytime they wanted it. The tight ends (Henry and Sprinkle) were unstoppable.

This is complex than that. There are lots of inexperienced players involved, especially tight ends and wide receivers. You can point to offensive line issues, but I’d say it’s an overall blocking issue as far as mesh in the run game. On the goal line, the issues have been coming off the edge. That’s tight ends. They have to seal things. Of course, the tight end (Cantrell) was involved in two big plays late in the fourth quarter. There was the third-and-2 pass on the goal line to start the fourth quarter. He was running a route beyond the end line. That’s never going to work. He was caught for holding on the big run later in the game. Both times the game was still 14-7.

The game plan was to run on the edge where tight ends and tackles had the size edge on linebackers and ends. It didn’t seem to click. Wide receivers didn’t block well for themselves in the wide passing game … hitches and other short routes or sweeps. So those areas have to improve. Blocking from guys other than offensive linemen. I’m not saying the line blocked perfect, but the edge plays weren’t so much offensive linemen. I saw Cantrell miss, Patton miss, O’Grady miss and Stewart and Pettway miss as far as blocking.

If you will remember, these guys (Hunter Henry, Jeremy Sprinkle, AJ Derby, Keon Hatcher, Drew Morgan, Cody Hollister) were all terrific blockers. You can’t just look at blocking with the five linemen tackle to tackle. It’s everyone in the offense, especially when it’s the perimeter game.

Hatcher is the best blocking WR I can recall playing up there. You could tell he liked contact and opposing DB’s paid the price

Sounds like you’re saying the Arkansas offense was destined to fail. Maybe a pro-style offense is doomed to start slowly as the NCAA places more and more restrictions on preseason preparations.

This offense, the CBB offense, has fundamental problems, especially against SEC and other good teams. It’s the fifth year of this regime and the same problems proliferate. Vandy wins. MSU wins big. SMU looks wonderful against TCU for a quarter. Our Hogs; they look terrible.

I don’t get that take at all, BP. You gotta block on the goal line no matter how much (or little) you prepare.

Where I think practice limitations (throughout the season, not just in August) probably hurt people is in special teams. You only have so many hours allowed (20 hours per week, 4 hours max per day, and that includes practice, meetings, conditioning and games). Work on O, work on D, and maybe ST gets shortchanged.

I have no problem with the CBB/CDE offense. It works when executed and can score with the best of the spread offenses. When the offense looked good, we had no defense. This year (and late last year) they just didn’t execute. I wonder if teams have picked off a tell of sorts as well.

I think the wide receivers and tight ends will get better every game this year. They have talent at those positions. They will get better at running routes against adjusting defenses and they will figure out who to block and how to block them. They need to play games and practice and understand adjustments as they go.

Sounds like they need to do more scrimmaging in practice : )

Playing against the other team is the fastest way to improve. Games are different than scrimmages. Some things you don’t get to simulate in practice – like unexpected nuances and adjustments from the other team. After you see things in game speed, you start to get it. It slows down and you understand. I do know that last week there were long practices with heavy contact. At least one of the days was mostly ones versus ones. You need to break work against the other team and the scout team, too, and they do that.

Its happening in the NFL also this year.

Look at the line play and they just do not have the time to jell.

Swine you hit it right on the head for ST. No time so it suffers