Clay caught up with Kenoy Kennedy

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Really good read.

This is a phenomenal article. Kenoy is one of my favorite Hogs of all time–great player and great person. I did a feature on him in 1997 or 98 for either the Gameday program or the UA newspaper. I learned a lot about that hit and some of his big ones in college.

But what I mostly learned is that he is a great guy. He was very kind and accommodating. The fact that he’s a “normal” fan, now, like me, warms my heart. I laughed at the Smu stuff in this article. That was a cherry on top.

I got to tell this story. Might should have been in my lead. I was doing radio with Bo Mattingly the night before the Belk Bowl. We finished the show at a sports bar. I was walking towards the bar after we were done. I was going to have a beer. One beer. Then, head to bed to rest up for what would be a long day the next day with the game, then travel at 5 a.m. back home the morning after the game.

Someone had me from behind. I turned around. It was Kenoy. He said, “Clay, I’m going to buy you a shot.” First, I hugged him. I love Kenoy. He introduced me to his wife. And, then we headed to the bar. I was going to let him buy me one beer.

Kenoy said, “Clay, you are going to have a shot.” I told him I don’t do shots. I just never have. I’m really not much of a drinker.

So he answered, “You mean you aren’t going to do a shot with Kenoy Kennedy after all of these years?” And he was grinning from ear to ear. I did a shot with Kenoy.

Eddie Jackson got involved at that point and between the two of them they strong armed me into doing another shot. I think there was probably more than one. It wasn’t cheap stuff, either. Smooth. I can’t really recall if it was two or three. I do know that the next day was a long day, and not just because the Hogs didn’t play well in the second half against Virginia Tech. The next day, getting home to Fayetteville with an early flight, was even longer.

I will say that there was dancing after that, but I did NOT do any dancing. They couldn’t get me onto the floor, not even Kenoy’s wife. That was a fun night. Kenoy is among my favorites. I guess I have a lot of those kind of former Razorbacks. But there are not many who can make me do a shot of whiskey.

I think the shots were called De Cleaters. Maybe broken helmets. He has several of those on his resume.

They were knock outs.

Enjoyed your article. Really liked the defensive guys recruited by Hatfield and Ford’s assistant coaches. I agree that Kenoy is right up there with Steve and Ken as college safeties.