Clay can we talk a little Football?

Hey Clay, just got my HI football preview, and its great!

Wanted to ask you a few questions as we head into summer, so here goes.

Where are we as of June 1 in regards to offseason, players are in the summer lifting session I assume? Are they working on the field running plays on their own? Can coaches work some with them like once a week?

I am not going to ask you who the QB will be, because I think we will see a couple guys take snaps this year… I will ask you if you think this offense will move the ball and score points? …That is all that matters to me… I love our TE group, I think our RB’s can be solid and deep… I think our OL starting 5 could still be determined, but I think if we have a good summer and some players come on we can be serviceable…

I do want to ask you about Jordan Jones, to me he has flashed as just electric at times… and I wonder can he get it all together? I would love to see him running end around’s and just getting touch after touch… but it seems from reading the quotes from our OC, he needs to just get in the play book… my question is does he have the want to? Simply to commit to hard stuff? He’s been here 3 years now… man I hope he can get this worked out.

Back to the OL… I think its interesting that our OC stated that Shane Clenin could be one of our best 5 and Guard is his best position, and Hjalte would get some snaps at center… I think our starting right side could be really good with Sr Gibson and Sr Wallace if they work hard this summer and respond to coach True and embrace this opportunity… I am not sure about depth. The left side is still a question mark to me… How do you see this shaking out in the end??? I’m not so sure we have this worked out yet…

I’ll ask my defensive questions later…


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Sorry, was busy with baseball the last two days. First, you expect that they can score some points, but quarterback is not settled. The coaches think they will have a good offense. They’ve always been able to score. The SEC West is a different beast as far as DL talent, but I believe it will be a productive offense.

Second Jordan Jones just hasn’t shown the ability to retain the plays and formations. He can’t play fast in this system yet, but he is fast. Got to know everything to play fast. This is exactly the problem he had in the old system, too. Retention of what is taught in the meeting room hasn’t happened, so he can’t be the player most think could be there. Perhaps he makes a jump this summer.

As far as O-Line, generally in the summer they cross train players so the best six can get on the field at multiple positions. I don’t think it’s any different for these coaches. Wallace has been up and down in his four years. I’d sure want someone ready to take that spot in case he slips this summer. There is no sign that’s happened. Gibson’s weight goes up and it goes down. It needs to stay down. Clenin can play either of those two spots. Merrick has done well enough that there is a thought that maybe the best five would include him – with Froholdt trying center. Not sure how that will work, but they are at least toying with the idea and also knowing that injuries happen.

I think the OL will line up like this for the first game:

LT – Colton Jackson
LG – Hjalte Froholdt
C – Dylan Hays
RG – Johnny Gibson
RT – Brian Wallace

I wouldn’t guess on depth because perhaps a freshmen might impact that situation, perhaps at center.

Well most of you know I coach offensive line and have so for a long time. I hope I’m wrong but in my opinion this is not a very good offensive line especially when it comes to pass blocking both of our tackles are not good with their feet and that represents problems. The scheme will help some in that we don’t have many drop-back passes a lot more quick release passes.
I watch the center in the spring game for a few plays and really wasn’t that impressed he almost got driven into the quarterback on one play.
I think the run game can be a little more effective because we’re only going to try to run into a six-man box which will help a lot. It will be interesting to see how I receivers do we didn’t show much in the spring so I really don’t have any idea I do know we were through a lot of screens and hot route toTE in which are tough the defense to cover. I don’t have a whole lot of expectations for the team I just want to see him play hard and improve anything else is a bonus

Thanks Clay for your comments.

I am not an Oline coach or anything special, but I do know good ones when I see them (bad ones are real easy to see). This line has been bad, very bad for SEC. I have a good friend who played guard in the NFL. He is always talking Oline with me. He always talks about feet - balance and quickness with feet. Of course, you need size and strength, but without the feet, you are just a big guy taking up space (we have done too much of that lately).

Also, Olinemen have to be smart. They must not only be quick in feet, but also in the head.

He said the defensive tackles and lbs in the NFL and in the SEC are just plain freeks. It takes a lot to go up against them.

I think the Oline taken as a unit is the most important position on the offense. Does not matter what the pretty boys can do if the big uglies are not getting it done. That has been the problem with the Arkansas (and Denver ) offense the last two yrs.

I don’t see how a coaching change is going to change the feet of this Oline. It can improve, but to SEC Levels?

Colorado, I look forward to your insight and this is downright depressing…but you (and the former guard) are absolutely right. It is amazing how far the talent level of the offensive line dropped after Sam Pittman left!