Clay? can we match the hatch

I am not around enough to know how the bejillion factors are working to keep or remove BB. Is there and Arkansan connected or someone who would fit the environment and appeal to fans plus administration as a better fit than BB? or is BB an Arkansas match that cannot be topped? I obviously go back way before the Petrino attitude towards Ark and remember all the ill will Lou generated by ignoring AR coaches and high schools. One thing that bothers me (real or not) is the attitude that Bret projects that he cannot recruit to AR and our high school kids cannot make his program successful the way he perceives it rather he seems to deign the AR talent. I feel like he has achieved self-fulfilling negative anticipation. Does Brett still appeal on a personal basis to the AR fan population or has there become a rift not recoverable?

I know winning cures everything and hiring someone who can win tops all other factors, but is AR still so different that it closes the door on some coaches?