Clay: Another Great Report

I have really enjoyed reading your articles this year. You seem inspired by the new coaching staff and it shows in your in depth analysis and reporting.
Your Top Ten for Auburn is another example of this fine work. I like your longer pieces and this one was a good read.
Thank you for all you do.

Let me say ditto to that and shout out to other writers on this site. There has been some of best writing here in a long time. It helps to have perspective and comments from outsiders like Chad’s ex coach at Touchdown club meeting , AD on his Little Rock talk, and even from Gus about his first four first games at Auburn before he knew what he had. I even read couple items from Wally that have been on target.

I hate losing the way we have and want best for my team but it is clear to me our Coach does as well. Patience is a virtue so I am telling myself to have some and root for progress and building of a winning culture. Better days are ahead and I hope writers continue to write it as they see it.

Statistics often do not tell the story. Hawgs are top team in forcing fumbles per story above. Hawgs also one of 5 Power 5 schools with no fumbles this year. Given history of past four years with those stats you would think we would be matched better this week against Auburn which is not the case.

Turnover is a turnover. Fumbles hurt, but so do interceptions.