Clay and or Matt Jones ? On the DL Coach

Probably more due to the legal environment & scrutiny that most of us must adhere to in the current business world. Per HRs in most companies, words do have different meanings & interpretations that subject us to legal & civil liability. The press may be afforded more leeway & protections.

I don’t think you get on Coach Pittman’s staff in the first place if there are character issues. It is too easy to check background on people in the coaching circles. I don’t think you’ll ever hear of a coach spending too much time on Dickson Street as long as CSP is around.


Believe me I understand what you’re saying. You have to watch your words. I understand the world is changing and some of it for the good but the ultra sensitivity is bit much for me.



I don’t understand that at all.

When we know something is accurate, we report it.

What we don’t do is attack coaches without cause.

Just like when so many people were trashing Sam Carter for something that turned out to be blantantly false.

I have to admit I am disappointed you felt the need to make that statement.

I am proud of our ethics and credibility and believe that we go about things the right way.

I’m also told it is about not getting enough players.


Way over the top. Call it by its name, Newspeak.

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Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. But if we want dirt you’re not going to get it here.

Things will not be made up here. And HI will not comment or add to rumors.

Any better?

How’s that DD? Now Clay has given us his view and I believe Clay.

I re-worded the POST that I was trying to back you and all of the HI reports.

Now I am getting ready for a procedure to remove a 1 inch and a 2 inch spots on my colon.

So I hope that clears that up.

If you need to respond then sent me a message. If good then we will move on, OK?

I don’t think we bring rumors here but they do show up. We can usually confirm or deny them.

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DFW brought up that the word “fired” in the newspaper headline is what caused him to think it was more than just recruiting. I didn’t see the newspaper story, but I saw another outlet (don’t remember which one) that framed it that Ashley was “released”.

A long time ago, I wrote for my local newspaper. I wrote a story about a high school football coach that had moved up from the junior high level. In my story, near the end, I referred to an incident that had occured while he was the junior high coach that had caused some controversy. It was not the focus of the story, but it was newsworthy because at the time of the incident, it had gained some attention before being resolved. I mentioned it in the story only briefly in general terms. (I have long since forgotten was the incident even was.)

When I saw the story in the newspaper the next day, the headline read “Controversial Coach Promoted to…” or something along those lines. I rolled my eyes because that was not at all meant to be the focus. The coach called me up and had some choice words to say.

I didn’t write the headline for the story. Editors wrote the headlines, or at least that’s the way it was done where I worked. So someone else wrote the headline, probably in a hurry after glancing through the story. I’m not sure how it’s done in today’s media. Maybe Scottie and Richard and Dudley write headlines for their work. That’s not the way it was done at my newspaper.

Once the coach read the story without the headline, he was fine with it. Sometimes there is a disconnect between a headline and a story.

Thanks Clay for your input on this as well as the other fantastic writers we have. I too thought something happened when I saw the word “fired” used and so did a couple of other Hog buddies. Literally in speaking amongst ourselves on our Hog Friends text thread it was ok - it is either a lack or failure in recruiting or he did something he shouldn’t have. So I am thankful to you for the input. Pitt Boss wants results in recruiting and knows we can get it as the last several weeks have shown and he will clearly demand it from his staff or it is time to move on. Thanks again Clay.

First of all, good luck with your surgery.

Not about my feelings.

It’s just about questioning integrity.

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I agree that to the fired it all means the same thing.
In print I disagree. I believe it is much harsher and opens the door for the kind of speculation you have seen here.
Sorry, can’t let the headline writer off the hook on this one. They seem to have chosen sensationalism over clarity.

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Such Drama ! :sunglasses:

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Sounds like a common politician.

Fired, let go, not retained all mean the same. No sensationalism at all.

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My question about some of these posts, what difference does it make, if he was fired or not retained IT all means the same he is not of staff anymore.

The story behind the story will eventually surface most likely. As noted by many, the context of it raises a lot of questions, esp. the appearance of the abrupt nature of it. Coaching at a Division I level is a pretty close-knit community and when parties have to separate, it is usually attended by some type of positive commentary to preserve relationships. Clay Henry’s opinion carries weight so I’ll give it a high % probability of being at least a part of the story. Regardless, hate to see anyone who is as good of a person as Clay Henry indicates get “fired.”

So, all words are equal, and no words are “Hot” words? You would be politicians can relax. Ain’t no bad words, only splitting hairs. Got it. Whoever first put this word in print to begin with is smiling ear to ear. All you “journalists” can take a deep breath. I am much more interested in who the replacement will be. I will be surprised if he is older than CSP.

I wrote the headline and you are wrong about my intent.


New coach is a done deal, he’s worked with Odom before, according to what I was told.