Clay and or Matt Jones ? On the DL Coach

Any scoop on what happened? Timing and verbiage of “fired” seem a little strange ?

IMO not going to get that story on HI. It’s going to be all hearsay. If it’s or all rumors then HI reporters will not speak to that.

Unless made public.

It will come out soon. Too many hounds sniffing this one. May have to wade through the exaggerated and slightly stretched versions first tho.


I am confident in saying this: Jermial Ashley is top shelf in every way.

But, if you are going to work for Sam Pittman you better sign talent. He says that on the front end. Recruiting is huge with Sam.

It is my opinion that Jermial was not getting it done in recruiting.

Compare him with what Dowell Loggains has done and you get the idea of what can and should be done at Arkansas in recruiting.


It’s a hard business….

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The statement that Ashley was “fired” rather than “released” or “parting ways” indicates a specific incident rather than failure to be a good recruiter.

However, could see CSP acting swiftly in firing a coach if there was a blatant pattern of negative feedback from recruits (portal &/or high schoolers) about that coach or that coach repeatedly losing good recruits due to his failure to follow-up.

And wanting to retain all ten coaches for 2022 to.

The SEC west = perform or get fired. CBB did not understand that truth. Or he couldn’t hire top notch coaches. Slit their throat then drink their blood. I’ve heard that somewhere.

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To use the word “fired” is the choice of the reporters who report on the story. I think people read too much into that. You can say he was fired, let go, released, not re-signed, etc., but they all mean the same thing.


Like Clay said, I think he was let go due to some misses in recruiting.

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Of course, I have NO direct information on the situation.

That said, I believe the timing of this announcement and the failure to get one of his former Tulsa recruits (who instead chose Baylor) are not coincidental. Probably more to it than that, but missing on Player could not have helped.

Wish him the best of luck. I have a feeling he’ll find his footing and have a long, productive career. Just like in any walk of life, it’s how you handle the setbacks that ultimately define you.

I rarely see the word “fired” when a coach’s employment is terminated, unless for cause, insubordination, or specific incident (ie Petrino), so that caught my attention when I read that.

Since Arkansas is busy in filling current player positions, poor recruiting results will surface quickly.

At the end of day, really none of my business as to why a coaching staffmember’s employment is terminated. I trust HY & CSP to get the job done & to choose the right personnel & players.

You can think what you want, but the specific incident was not getting it done in recruiting. He was top shelf as a person. Not signing his own player was the specific incident and not signing top defensive tackles was a factor, too.

Speculate in your mind, but don’t put it forward if it’s a guess. You are guessing. I am not guessing. I am confident or I would never attach my name to it after almost five decades of doing this.

I do not type on a public forum as a guess or speculation. I am a professional journalist.


Is the “top shelf” a reference to something else specifically?

Just as it was explained that the use of the word fired came from the reporter not the school or coach, I believe Clay is saying he is a good person so it is not a behavioral or legal issue.
Readers just want to make more out of some things than is really there and the reporter set the stage for that by using the word fired.
Clay has been clear and straight in what he has written here in my opinion.

Goodness. Top shelf. Good person. Good character. Use the phrase you like. He does not have anything but good marks by his name except for recruiting. Period.

My ability to communicate must have failed on the original try. Sorry.


I posted the question in the minute before your follow up, or I wouldn’t have posted at all.

I was reading into your comment. Thought you might just be referring to “top shelf” liquor in light of the rumors about the drunken coach showing out recently.

I got it now.

Don’t believe anyone here is debating or questioning the goodness or quality of the coach’s character.

The suddeness of the action & use of the word “fired” in the Gazette headline made this appear to be more than it may be & caught the attention of many readers, including myself.

Recruiting is like working for a hedge fund. The only thing that counts is the results on the back end. Effort is irrelevant.

Maybe because in today’s culture people are so worried about the words used in describing events, people or what have you but to me fired, let go, not retained or released all mean the same like Matt said.

Personally I wouldn’t see fired and think anything more harsh than the other words that could describe the situation.