Clay and I both wrote about the purge that has to happen....

Before the game: … inal-game/

And after it: … rge-sight/

I suspect there are various reasons for the various players not seemingly getting fully on board, but it very disappointing that it looked like it was no small group. I won’t attempt to dismiss that a different culture may have developed under a previous regime, but have a difficult time blaming the continuation on anybody but those who resisted.

I cannot, from a very great distance, see that the new staff was so harsh or unpopular to be hard for the players to embrace, so I cannot understand the lack of performance. Regardless of what others may see, I fail to see the talent level being as deficient as our performance. We had some pretty highly regarded kids, whose performance this season was mixed at best.

Guess there is not a single or simple reason, but it sure causes a person to wonder.

Your OL sets the toughness for team.

When the OL is the weakest part of the team and is getting knocked 10 yards into the backfield if they touch anyone at all, your team will look awful. I don’t care what offense you run.

Who did you think was under performing on OL?

We started

3 star from small school or true freshman at LT
converted DT at LG
2 walk ons at C and RG
Under performing RT that 3 different coaches couldn’t help

How was this staff supposed to fix this?

Good post Long, I totally agree. I have posted something similar.

Yes im in support of the purge

There is an attitude adjustment that needs to take place

Maybe Coach Brets spat with Tx HS Coaches is part to blame

Maybe Coach Bret loss of his best recruiters out of his first coaching class

Maybe Coach Bret focused on going national and international too much and lost key recuiting battles leaving him with the dust that is left after that

Maybe it’s COach Bret one aday practices that faild to toughen young players

Maybe it’s all of these

But what we have is a subpar team

Time to start over and it starts with getting rid of folks not totally bought in with this coach and it continues with letting go of players who care less about Arkansas than the fans do

To me, it often appeared the OL was not really even trying.

I am wondering if they were mentally beaten and exhausted. Maybe guys thought/realized they were simply not good enough to be playing at this level, but they were playing due to bad circumstances and not talent.

And then they get beaten, knocked back, run by, and humiliated on play after play in front of the world. They weren’t strong enough. They didn’t have quick feet. They couldn’t get good pad level. They just lined up and got whipped.

And maybe there is some of that in the secondary also.

If this was directed at me, I am not sure my post and your response are congruent. My dismay is why the unspecified players, I suspect most people have their own ideas of who the players are, chose to not buy in and give their best effort on a consistent basis. While the Oline deserved few laurels, I don’t see this being “the” reason.

We lost to many olinemen to medical issues & at least 4,that were highly regarded 4* coming out of HS.
AR can’t recover from that in one season.
Once it was obvious our offense was struggling & inept some players on both sides (mainly defense) started their slow descent to just going thru the motions.
Then lack of talent to begin with.
So the purge will be players lacking talent & players lacking desire.

Interesting. I’m sure you know things that cannot be shared publicly.

I hope you are right and running off most of the players solves the problem.

You must see or know something because you all have definitely become staunch defenders of Morris and company. Certainly there is no evidence to support that opinion in terms of results on the football field this worst ever 2-10 season. But in fairness to you, historically you guys typically stand by the coaches until the bitter end. So nothing new in what you are writing. And it may be needed.

We’ll know more in about 9 to 10 months…looking forward to that so the U of A can move forward with or without this regime and bury this nightmare season.

Everyone may not agree, but assuming that everyone has times when we need to be patted on the head and encouraged with other times when we need to be (verbally) “kicked in the butt”, with perhaps our own psyches determining which is more beneficial. My question for you insiders is, does it appear that this staff is proficient in both approaches when needed? (Note that the current staff at Texas A&M reportedly stated that the prior staff had let the culture there become too “soft”–not enough of the latter approach from above had been used when needed.)

Clay people seem to focus on the negatives of the program at his point in time. Could you post what you feel are the positive aspect the program has to offer a coach like CCM? The fan base is so negative at times that it would appear we should drop down to a Div. 3 level.

Great question.

And, a question from earlier in the thread: I thought that 2-a-days were effectively legislated out of existence, that you could technically have them but the logistics made them almost impossible. Is this true?

I am not a Bielema apologist, despite a handful of posters thinking otherwise, but to suggest “toughness” is only related to 2-a-days seems a bit narrow, and the disappearance of 2-a-days not necessarily a condemnable act by CBB. The man did a lot that has not contributed to a good season, let’s not pile on if the 2-a-days accusation is inaccurate.