Clay and Dudley...your thoughts?

Clay, I prefer the term “wise.”


Wow, you sure you’re remembering what Alex did here?

  1. 1000 yards rushing Fr, So, Jr. Only matched by DMac and Hershel in SEC history.
  2. 3,703 yards rushing, (17) 100 yard games, both, 2nd to DMac in Hog history
  3. 36 TDs. 4th in Razorback history.

I like Boyd, as I said, but he’s got a loooong way to go to being anywhere near as good as Alex. In his first 14 games here he has 921 yards and 3 TDs. Yes, he’s handicapped with our OL and QB situation last year. But, c’mon he’s not in Alex’s class.

I think Boyd will be an NFL guy.

I think you are undervaluing him a little bit.

Handicapped with the OL? Definitely. But he still averaged 6 yards per carry last season and is averaging 5.2 this season.

Rakeem sat out spring and probably did not scrimmage much in August. I wouldn’t have scrimmaged him either. I bet he gets better as the season progresses and part of that is that the O-line will get better, if they stay healthy.

So, are both you and Dudley saying he compares favorably to Alex? I’m not arguing that he is not a good SEC back and may get an opportunity to play in the NFL. I just don’t seeing him running for 1577 yards next year, as Alex did his 3rd year. I don’t see him scoring 36 TDs in 3 years. We should remember also, that Alex shared carries evenly with JWill in 2 of his years.

The only thing I was disputing with Hogmaestro was Boyd’s favorable comparison to Alex as a Razorback RB.

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Alex had a better offensive line. That’s really important. Rakeem will get a chance to play at the next level. They do some things alike. They drop their hips and drive for extra yards. Rakeem might be a little faster. Alex did fumble more than you’d like.

OK, I don’t like where I’m going in this conversation. I do not want to sound like I’m taking shots at Boyd. I really like Rakeem and hope he runs for 1600 yards this season and next. I hope he scores 6 winning TDs for the Hogs this season. I hope he exceeds what Alex did here.

I got carried away a bit about comparing him to Alex when, until he’s played here 3 years there can’t be any real comparison. Alex was a “great” back for us for three years and it’s always seemed to me that he never seems to get quite the support from many fans that he deserves. His records (Razorback and SEC) and accomplishments were actually pretty amazing.

I’m making a note to revisit this in Dec., 2020. I hope Rakeem has at least a similar three year career as Alex. That will mean the Hogs are probably doing well and improving over this and next year.

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I’m a fan of Alex Collins. Great Razorback on and off the field while in Fayetteville. His numbers will be hard to match.

I am not saying Rakeem is better than Alex! I defended Alex on this board a million times…when people were blasting him for being “slow.” Alex was very talented and productive. All I am saying is I think Boyd is comparable in terms of talent. He has obviously not run for anywhere near the numbers Alex did. But I agree with Dudley. I think Boyd is definitely an NFL talent.

Raleigh is home base


Put me in the Old Man status, year after CFB arrived so I been rooting for a while and will be in the rooting category regardless of whatever mess that takes place on the hill, Dickson street will survive, We lost a great fan, Vernon Tarver this week and he will be sorely missed by us old folk. Until we fix the OL , nothing much matters, coaches try the “chunk” plays because the do not have confidence that they can maintain long drives due to adjustments defenses make to 1st and 2nd year Ol starters, no matter their future protects. As many much wiser than me have stated , we got to recruit ourselves out of this hole. I believe that expecting a head coach to develop the relationships required to sign the elite OL kids in a year or two is like a shot to the foot. Sorry but back in the day, the OL started seniors and even fifth year seniors in the Ol. So for you guys that want instant gratification like looking at your phone or face book or all of the other nonsense that I do not understand, coaches are hired to coach, but the important part is recruiting. Thats it for me.

Forget Jones. He is at Arkansas because of his grandpa. He is not a SEC caliber player. Jerry paid for him to be on the team.

About 70 miles north of me

Why do you need to say that?

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Back to the original question, offensive line is slowly getting better. Keeping a group together is important. They seem to be doing that.

I agree. It was a needless remark. (I originally typed a different word for “needless” but decided it might get me a reprimand for vulgarity on the board. It had to do with fowl feces.)

I have wanted to take my posts back a few times; don’t worry about it.

Y’all do know that you can edit your posts, right? Just click on the pencil icon at the bottom of your post and make your changes. If you don’t see the pencil, click on the three dots to select the pencil.

I edit mine a lot. My first go is usually poor.