Clay and Dudley... What do you think?

1… How bad is this in regards to all time low on the field?

  1. How do you see this playing out as of today?

As they’re professional journalists - I believe it will be very hard for either Clay or Dudley to formulate a response that doesn’t step on someone’s toes. This awful season is putting them in a bind much the same as the Coaching Staff.

Company line “let season take its course”

The worst I’ve felt was the Citadel game. Nothing compares or tops that. That was the all-time worst. Scoring three points in that game was the worst. The next worst was losing to UL-Monroe. I guess that’s what they were then. This is not that. These are Power 5 losses, and many to very good teams. Now, you can find some bad losses in the last calendar year. More than a few. But none were to teams like Citadel and UL-Monroe.

Same way as I did last week

The season continues to trend downward and if that continues, I think a change will likely be made.

I think it is pretty close either way at this juncture with the powers that be


Thanks, pretty much what I thought. And I think the chance for him to return will be there until it’s for sure we have a losing season. That could be LSU or MSU…

That ULM game was bad but last night was worse to me. Very embarrassing. I felt worse last night than I did after the ULM game because BB is in over his head in the SEC. I knew JLS was. My opinion of course but Hogs deserve better.

Good grief…Clay, Dudley, Matt and Jimmy are professional.

My goodness.

As bad as last night was–and it was very bad, the offense, defense, coaching all deserve Fs–I saw where one writer gave the special teams a D+. Coverage of one kickoff was not good and the fumbled punt was u-g-l-y and really, I think, opened the floodgates. The defense had not been great but had had the goal-line stand and the three-and-out just prior to punt. However, the rest of the special teams I thought was good: (1) Two well-executed field goals and extra points; (2) Four of five kickoffs were touchbacks; and (3) the kickoff return for a score. That doesn’t add up to a D+.

That said, obviously something MUST change. I personally felt worse after the UL-Monroe loss because we were a Top 10 team and it was abundantly clear that was not going to last. I see some talent on this team, much of it young and some being redshirted, but we’ve got to have better linemen on both sides of the ball. We were a more physically dominating team a few years ago (not Alabama dominating but closer to what we all expect), but we’re not that any more.