Clay and Dudley on Bo’s Show?

Do Clay and Dudley have regular days and times they are on Bo’s show?

Is it live streamed?

I think there are regular times for both of them but I couldn’t say what they are.

As for the streaming:


Thanks Jeff. I am hoping someone on this board knows when their segments are on so I can tune in sometimes. I cannot listen 5 hours a day in hopes of catching them on the air.

It is streamed at Bo’s new website

And, my usual days are Monday and Thursday from 3 p.m., to 5:30 p.m. You can usually hear me in the extra from 6-7 p.m.

This week is different for me. I’m out of town Thursday, so I’m on for my second day today (Wednesday).

Dudley does Tuesday or Friday. I think he’s already been on this week.

I enjoy my time in the studio, although sometimes I’m just a knot on a log since Bo has a lot of guests. I will say, they are pretty good like they were Monday with Gene Chizik and Houston Nutt.

I am impressed with Gene Chizik on the SEC Network. He is a well-spoken, sharp guy. I wish we could get him to be our DC.

Thanks Clay

The guests are what make the show listenable, and I consider you as one of the guests. People who actually know something. Listening to the callers makes me worry about the future of the human race. Which is why I stopped listening to Rainwater.

Swine! Hahahahahahaha.