Clay and Dudley ? For you on Program

Do you ever recall us ever being this low ever?

We’ve been bad and have had losing records but nothing like this have I ever seen…

Do you think a head coaching change is possible?

Of course a coaching change is possible.

The 1990-92 era was pretty bad with a 3-win seasons in 90 and 92, but there were at least 6 wins in 1991.

But this is as worse as I can remember.

I wasn’t around for the five wins combined in 1952 and 1953.

I think a lot of us are just in shock at what we are seeing …

Nov 1997 was this bad, bad losses and 30000 in stands with everyone looking forward to basketball. Ford was fired and Nutt realized the benefits. Hard to call it equal as 1997eam had lot’s of battle worn talent and just needed new start and leadership.

Bring in someone who knows what they are doing and it will turn around quicker than some thing (but not as fast as we want it to). There is talent waiting to be coached up.

I’ve described Morris as a guy who can get all the gears to mesh. Totally whiffing on that, many weeks, in fact. But, someone can get them to work together. Need to find them and give them the keys to the program. If Morris can lead us within one score of three other games then a better coach wins those games. Five wins feels a bit different, playing for bowl-eligibility against Ty Storey.

There’s a little talent - most of it young - but not a lot of it

Dudley does the powers that be realize the lack of talent and are going to give Morris time? What sense do you get by those in the “know”

Funny, how hindsight changes things. I remember the awful 1997 season well. A prominent insider – good friends with DD – told me that the Hogs were awful, they were devoid of talent and it was going to be a long time before we won many games, no matter the coach. I was told the old “you cannot make chicken salad out of chicken ****.”

The bar was really low then too – just wanted to beat SMU.

One year later the Hogs were 8-0 and heading into Knoxville where they almost pulled off an epic win before suffering the greatest heartbreak since 1969.

Now, I know I’ll get numerous responses telling me how wrong I am and how much talent was on that 1997 team – but that is not what people were saying in 1997; they say it now in hindsight, but when the Hogs were losing ugly all year long, they weren’t saying it back at the time.

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