Clay and Dudley both gone

What a sad day for Hawgs Illustrated. One of the best writers in Clay and hands down the best ever to cover Hog basketball in Dudley Dawson.

I remember when they first told us we had to pay for “insider coverage” and I was pissed. I said I would never pay for it. After about a week I just couldn’t live without reading stuff from Clay and Dudley. Needless to say I have been paying ever since.

I’m not sure what I will do now. If Dudley moves on somewhere else I think I will go with him. To be honest the last few years we haven’t got much “insider info” here. Which I get because it will just be taken to twitter or facebook and everyone will know. Lots of the info we get on here we can get for free elsewhere. The difference for me was the great articles and the great people I have met on here.

In 2009 I had a board member donate around 5k to my basketball program and we never once met face to face. A few times through the years I’ve had some rough days and vaguely mentioned it here and got so many uplifting messages. So for that reason it would be hard to leave here unless we can all leave together…lol

I love you guys and I hope we can get through this and all stay together somehow.


So what happens to the HI magazine? Who is editor? Or is it done too?

The magazine and this website are not going away.


Great news

I can’t imagine HI without Clay. That’s kind of like Tesla without Elon Musk. Really hate the thought of this community dispersing to other places. So many good folks on here that I have come to think of as friends. I guess that’s life. Time marches on and nothing stays the same. It will be the dead time of Razorback sports soon. I’ll probably take some time off and weigh my options. All the best to Clay and Dudley. Thanks for all the insight you guys have provided over the years.


Well there’s been a Henry connected to our Hogs my whole life! I wish Clay and Dudley the best. It would be nice for Clay to start something and with Dudley’s help cover the Hogs. Thank you Clay and Dudley for all of your hard work and fun stories.


Clay has retired for the most part. Not sure if he has a non compete of some sort in place that would prevent him from starting something new. I enjoy his part time roll on “The Morning Rush”. It would not shock me to see him take a bigger role with Tommy Craft (if he wants a bigger role) and for Dudley to end up there as well.

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Rough start to the week for me. Found out yesterday our neighbor of 10 years (she’s been here 30 plus) passed away on Saturday. She was like a mother figure, best friend, neighborhood ambassador and helping hand lender all in one. It was sudden to us and I am quite a bit more shaken than I figured I’d be, but I guess we don’t sit and dwell thinking about when folks will pass. Then I get on here and see that Clay is retiring (well deserved) and Duds seems to have been unceremoniously let go! A trifecta of sad news.


Logjam, so sorry for your loss. To say she was your mother figure, that hits me. I don’t know how you go on. My prayers are with you. Please pray for me, too. This is a very difficult time for me.


As we all should do. Just think of “Me Me Me” Maybe it should be prayers for Clay.

I’ve lived on Clay’s dad’s writing and then Clay. But we have not walked in his shoes. Think for that just one moment about Clay and DD as well.

When we say it’s been our world, I get that BUT how does Cay and DD cope with the situation. YOU, WE say it’s a tough deal well pause for a minute to think how Clay feels right now. And then there is DD. Just a train wreck…

Prayer’s for you Clay and your loved ones. This is where a woman can really help US men to survive.

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My condolences for your loss. I’m lucky enough that both parents are still kicking (83 and 81) but Mom’s health is not good and I’m having to come to terms with that.

I haven’t retired (and at this rate never will), but I have been told repeatedly over the past 39 years that my services were no longer required. Several of those times the change was for the best, but I feel for Dudley.


Clay and Dudley, I am going to miss you guys. You all just put out some great stuff…the volume of information and articles were amazing. Quite frankly, I don’t know how you did it. I wish the best for each of you in your life’s journey. May God bless you both.


I remember back in 2002-04 or so, paying for insider information and everyone wanted my password or wanted to know what was going on with Nolan’s situation or HDN’s situation, it was all crazy times, but you could get some good stuff on here. I thought, heck, if I’m paying, then I want some answers, and DD usually had them for BB and Clay for FB.

There were some great times with with the Thaddeus Young deal, then the KYSO. Good times (well except we got neither player).

Through all of it, what I really enjoyed was when Clay pulled off the private Friday Night Lights showing to all of us at Razorback Cinema and Chuck Barrett was there on the radio. It was then that I really felt part of something.

I’ve seen people come and go on this board that are only focused on one thing, but this board, if you’ve been here through the years, offers so much more. That is and was because of Clay and Dudley, without of doubt.

I feel I know both about as well as any family member, but unfortunately they barely, if at all, know me. I appreciate Clay sharing his life and his stories. They have enriched me and brought perspective to life. I love the story of the great flood where he helped his buddy dig a foot of sand out of the cabin only to be hit by a log from a brush hog on his trip home that shattered the truck window and sent glass everywhere. I loved the story about the dogs shredding the pillows while they were away. We could all go on and on, but those stand out (and the many, many, fishing trips).

Of course, we all know what DD has been through. Simply can’t even imagine. He’s managed to listen to people gripe and complain on this board for decades, when he was one of the few that really had any right. But, he marched on, professionally.

I’ve disagreed with both Clay and DD, but that’s ok. I disagree with a lot of people I care about. But, I’ve never left, even when Clay told me my issues are my problems not his. He was right (partly) :slight_smile:

Times change, life changes, but I’m happy I was apart of this board for the last 18 or so years. I hope I can subscribe directly to Clay’s articles and have them sent to my emails, and I hope I can subscribe to whatever Dudley starts doing. I imagine if DD starts a site, he will be surprised with the number that follow.

Thank you guys!


Will do Clay and thank you and all of you guys for the kind words and support.

Good luck in retirement Clay, enjoy it. Good luck to Duds in his future endeavors. In some way or another I’ve been reading this board since 05. I’ll miss having you two around.

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I will be around some. Gotta check in on family. Who am I gonna tell about how big the fish were that day or what I shot in golf?


I have no idea what is going on other than what I’ve read on here yesterday. On several occasions have disagreed with both of these gentlemen on different topics, but never once thought they weren’t upstanding individuals with tons of insight, perception and knowledge that they shared with the Razorback family daily. It is a sad day and they both will be missed terribly, I wish both the very best in everything they do and touch as they have touched many on here through their articles for years. All I can say now is Thank you. WPS

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Absolutely but photos will be required to confirm . As one retiree , I know my friends will not accept my claims without proof positive. Seriously, things will get better and better as you have more time to do what you want , when you want. Best wishes.

Is this picture ok? When I’m solo it’s best I can do.

Twenty three inch rainbow from Norfork. Caught on my own ruby midge. About four or five weeks in middle of catch and release. This was about the time I decided I was done with work.


Yes, picture is worth a thousand words. You will enjoy times to do this when you want. Nice rainbow

I semi-retired about fourteen years ago, and totally ten years ago. Not having to be somewhere for regular hours has to be akin to being freed from prison. After my wife finally retired from teaching, we sometimes get giddy like children at our freedom.
Travel, read, trade. Rinse and repeat. The strangest part is I regularly feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day. Life is short and days fall like leaves in a storm.
Really need to get to Siloam Springs, Joplin, Nixa, Phoenix, Elkhart. Then we need at least three weeks that start in Florance to Pisa, Genoa, Nice with two-night stays along SS1. Once you’ve spent the air fare, you hate to cut a few days off because who knows if you will ever get back. So, I don’t discount being there more than three weeks. My wife doesn’t know my plans for the Amalfi Coast trip. It is my surprise to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Bunches and bunches of work to do before the E-trip can be sprung. A lot of planning to do. D@^n governments, d@^n virus. GHG