Clay and Coach Morris

I watched Marty & McGee this morning. They are showing bits of things asked of coaches and players during SEC media days. They asked coaches to tell them their favorite song. Coach Morris said Amarillo by Morning. I know that Clay will appreciate that.

Marty & McGee is an awesome show. Two good old southern boys riffing about sports, hair, and life. During football season the show is on the SEC network at 6 AM (it’s a 2 hour show.) I got started on it after Ryan McGee spoke at the Northwest Arkansas Touchdown Club last year. It is also on the radio. One of the best features is at the end of each show, Hillbilly Headlines.

They also did two shows in which they talked with all of the SEC coaches. Those shows are replaying on the SEC network: Talkin’ Season - SEC West Coaches and Talkin’ Season - SEC East Coaches.

those dudes are real hit and miss for me. I don’t like Marty on Nascar and sometimes they get worse than outlandish in their football outlook. Are they real country or playing to a niche they occupy? Have not heard Morris, but have heard Luke from OM and Coach O and Gus. That favorite song question should be hard as heck to come up with a conversation about as to why as they want to know.

They are really country. Marty Smith is from Virginia and Ryan McGee has lived in several towns around the South (North Carolina, Tennessee, etc.) McGee’s dad was a long-time football official in college. He has several good stories about that time.

They asked the coaches “if you could have any golf partner in the history of the world. Who would it be?”…

Coach Morris said “Jesus!.. and we’d win!”

Loved that !

I have asked the same question about favorite singer to Chad Morris. He consistently says George Strait. Amarillo is probably George Strait’s favorite song.

I love that song – but there are many more of George’s hits that I also love – and it’s first on my play list on my phone. So it comes on immediately when I bluetooth through my truck system. I set it up that way.

FYI, George has a fairly new album that has a song, Old Violin. It’s terrific and speaks to me. I guess it’s for an old guy. I’ve started to feel older of late. Maybe it’s because I now have a Medicare card!

Clay, my first month on Medicare. It’s surreal.

I am paying my premiums but have not needed it yet.

Amarillo by Morning is the Greatest of the Great sung by absolutely the Greatest!
The twin fiddles really make a great effect. Listen to the very end.

Something about our dear friend and reporter, Clay. He was coming here one July and I told him George Strait was playing at Frontier Days and I had him a ticket (those were near impossible to get). Clay said, “Who is that.” I think Sarah filled him in before I did. Now look at him. I claim some credit for that, but of course, The King gets most of the credit.

I probably did ask just that, but I don’t remember it. I don’t think I said “who is that?” I believe when you said we were going to Cheyenne, I said, “Where is that?” I didn’t know if Cheyenne was in Colorado, New Mexico or Wyoming. And I had never been to Wyoming.

Maybe I didn’t know who George Strait was, either, or where Cheyenne was. Now I can tell you about both pretty well.

Gosh, Jim has taught me a lot. I believe it was on the same trip that I learned what you did with a bridle or a latigo. When I told my father that I was about to ride a horse over the Continental Divide, I think he asked, “Why?” I told him and explained that there were no golf courses anywhere close to where we were going.

Not too long ago I called Jim to tell him I’d discovered a new Texas singer, Cody Johnson. I tried to tell Jim about some of his songs and Jim said, “He was at NFR a few weeks ago and I know all about him.” OK, why didn’t Jim tell me about him sooner? I guess we hadn’t been on a trail ride recently so we can discuss a few things – not that Jim says a whole lot on a trail ride.

Man…I love the Marty and McGee show lol. I really enjoy it the majority of the time.