Clay and Board …. What do you think Bumper will do?

Come back or move on?

Come back. Just my opinion.

Comes back

I think I’ve already written that I think he’s going to come back. But he’s not given any clue yet. I do not know for a fact what he’ll do. He’s played a lot of football over the last four years. Taken a lot of hits (and delivered a lot). He might get a look in the NFL. Would he help himself by coming back? I don’t know. He may just love to play the college game.

Bumper is coming back, he’s hasn’t gone public yet but it’s a done deal.


Come back I think!

I sure hope he comes back, but I’ll thank him right now for choosing the Razorbacks and he will never be forgotten for the effort and excitement he brought each and every game. He’s done a great job representing the Razorbacks as how we want a individual to play, act and carry himself day in day out. Im behind him whatever he chooses to do and wish him the very best always !! WPS

I have thought he would come back all along,I think he saw the fun Morgan and Henry had and realizes we could have another pretty good team so I think he comes back

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I’m not sure what Bumper Pool will do.
While I hope he comes back and plays I’m proud for all the tackles and hits he has delivered on a hogs uniform.
He has carried himself with pride and honor. Thank you Bumper Pool!

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