Clay and board on the 2 point

I would have done it 1000 times over…

But I would have called that QB run option play Bobby P says is the best goal line play.

One thing to consider, if we had gone to OT it would have not been over in only one or two OTs i’m thinking…. It would have cost us later in the season …

Also no way J Cat is not hurt…. He can’t wrap up… love his heart , but we can’t have a defense where we funnel plays for him to clean up, when he can’t.

What a game !

I loved going for it. Thought the play was kinda not the one.


It’s ALWAYS a BAD call if it don’t work :sunglasses:


The biggest moment in the game to me was having to settle for the FG after the 4th down stop…


Totally agree with going for two they had not stopped us most of the second half. Why put their offense back on the field. However I totally disagree with the play call, I would have liked to seen KJ or Sanders use their legs.

We also missed FG and tried a hail Mary after initially lining up for a FG. All hindsight though. Really proud of this team. A little more speed at LB is exposed at times.

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Just run the darn ball right at them. Put another Olineman in the game as the full back and at tight end and run it.
No matter what it’s over and we lost but our hogs fought hard today and we are better now than we’ve been in years.
I’m proud of how they played.


Biggest moment in the game was when they ripped the ball away from Rocket.


That was too far back for a field goal and risked them getting a kick six if it came up short (it was into the wind too); our field goal protection team is not in there for their tackling skills. I had no trouble with going for the hail Mary.


I think it was when we missed wide open Thompson on the slant for an easy TD ann then missed a chip shot FG,either one win the game but to get 0 is a killer

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I like RPO on two-point plays, personally. It makes the defense account for more.

I thought it was the right call to go for two. Arkansas’ defense was exhausted.


Uh Billy the only field goal we missed was a 50 yarder. That ain’t no chip shot.

Obviously, coaches will call the play they think we have the best chance of running successfully on the 2-pt try. Just didn’t work.

Did we get a touchdown after he missed that wide open slant?? I thought that was down close to the goal line and he missed a chip shot but hey I’m getting old LOL

Those turnovers are brutal and that one really hurt. We never got one and played such poor defense. Our offense was spectacular, however.

That slant was second and 7 from the 15. Ran Johnson on third down and then made the field goal.

Little didn’t miss that 50 yarder by much; it just drifted a little wide right, That Hail Mary would have been a 59-yard try into the wind.

Okay well I stand corrected I thought we missed that FG for some reason but anyway had he hit the slant it’s a touchdown and we win. He’s got to get better on those

In a one-point game that was literally decided with 0:00 on the clock there are a lot of plays that could have made the difference.


Yeah lot of shoulda, woulda coulda’s

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No telling if we win if we hit that slant, this was going to be a game won be who had it last, we just failed on the 2-pt try. The offense looked much better, and yes, it was OM defense, but the play calling and QB options were very well mixed in.