Clay and board let’s visit a little bit…. Spring Ball

Hey Clay, hope y’all are all doing well….

I know we are hot and heavy with Basketball, but spring football is fast approaching… I’m curious on what your thoughts are on a couple things…. First one is in regards to off-season conditioning, have you heard if they’re able to do anything more or more advanced this year compared to last? Maybe from some Covid restrictions being lifted ?

Second we had a high number of early enrollees and transfers, I’m curious if that will allow for more physical practices and in honesty better quality practices do to the numbers on the roster being high? Would like your thoughts on that ?

And last, during the final spring wrap up press conference last year I believe you asked coach Pittman If he thought his team was “tougher”? … Im curious what is that next step ? Is this team capable of playing as the hunted? Staying focused? Keeping that tough edge? What do you think that next step is?


Can’t answer those questions. No one has been available. Tough to cover football these days. We may get to talk to Sam next week.

I am sure it will be big deal news, but what is the hoped for KJ weight loss that has been mentioned? is it a KJ thing or a staff suggestion? I thought that KJ looked like he was headed for Jamarcus Russell stature last year, may not be bad since Jamarcus made #1 overall draft pick but then flopped and still looks fat these days.

I don’t know what the goal for KJ’s weight. Wasn’t a problem to me. I don’t even know what he finished the season as far as weight. He wasn’t svelt. But he wasn’t like Russell that’s for sure.

I think the last game I heard them say KJ wanted to come in around 230-235 if I remember right. I do know they said he wanted to lose some weight but that’s much easier said than done LOL as we all know.

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