Clay and board early week BAMA thoughts…

First off how about them Hawgs! 7-3!

Second , I have a little theory about 2021 BAMA… they look a little different to me, and here is what I’m thinking… They lost that all world strength coach to UGA, and I’m thinking the longer he is away from the program the less they resemble the overwhelming powerful BAMA we’ve come to expect year in and year out. To expand, I think this will be reflected even more so late in the season and in the championship rounds…. I’m not saying the Hawgs win , but I’m curious to watch this ….

On a personal note , my grandfathers oldest brother played HS ball at Dumas HS… he played against Paul Bryant, he knew him a little… I have always heard he (Coach Bryant) was very proud to be from southern Arkansas and loved to visit with anyone from there when they would meet him…

Bama is 22 point favorite at home. Hawgs secondary will see lot’s of the Bama receivers over the middle this week. Bama will attempt to shut down Burks and the running game and force KJ to beat them with his arm. Hawgs will enjoy more success running ball than they did against LSU but not enough to open up passing game unless someone other than Burks has career game at receiver.

I will be rooting for Hawgs to win but this seems to be a GA game matchup but Hawgs will trend better in this one, just not good enough to hang with Tide yet.

Bama is just without a lot of experience and upper class period. They lost a lot the last 3 years. What’s left of this senior class may not be a real talented bunch or loaded with leaders.

Bama will be very strong against our east-west tendencies, and the crowd will go berserk at our repeated tries-and subsequent losses.

Straight from the mouth of the Bama SID.

You KNOW that guy? You are amazing, Jeff!!

Please don’t fall off your ladder while getting up or down from your soapbox.

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It’s going to take a great effort by the Hawgs. Bama is the fresher team after playing lowly New Mexico State last week, while we had to play a very physical LSU team. Our offense against their defense scares me. Already having played against Georgia and LSU’s defenses and stadium should help us against Bama, but we’ll have to make plays over the middle and downfield. Bryce Young is good but still young, Do we have the athletes to blitz Bama and make him uncomfortable like LSU did? If he has time, he’ll pick us apart.

This will be Bama’s last statement game since auburn is hobbling to the finish. It’s a nationally televised game against a ranked opponent, they’re not going to take the Hogs lightly. They have superior talent & the greatest coach of all time. If we win, it would go down as one of the Greatest “against all odds” Hog victories, up there with the Orange bowl against OU and Tennessee w/Lunney at qb victories to me. I hope we end the streak, but think Bama goes Bama in the end.

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I did not pick the Hogs this week. Don’t see an answer for Will Anderson. The fastest of their wideouts, Williams, will test Montaric.

Those are huge advantages for the Tide Clay….I agree…. But let’s see how our LBers and Williams get after that Freshman QB…. Overall, I just want to see some fight and for us to look better then we did at UGA….

Also I agree with the poster, tuschawg , it will be hard to run wide, but I do think we can run off tackle and use Anderson’s up field rush to make a little hay in that space…we can’t jump offsides a bunch and put ourselves in obvious passing downs , they will drink our blood!

He can go up or down? Thought he was stuck in the top slot…

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Fred, no soapbox here. The whole time I’ve known you it’s been obvious that you get fed way too much Tide propaganda, and did long before Saban arrived.

Alabama will probably beat us badly, but if we can run the football effectively we could hang tough for a good while.

My hope for best case is no injuries to key players so that we can take care of business vs Missouri next week. Anderson is a monster and can do serious damage.

Decent article and even better comments from opposing teams fans. If you don’t want to read the article, take a few minutes and read the comments.

I don’t understand, Jeffrie. My comment towards east west was based on our super well known tendency to try e/w and lose yards doing so, coupled with Bama’s normally outstanding defensive scheme designed to stop wide stuff.

Not sure how I am coming off as pro-Bama in that regard. And people that know me well know I hate Bama football and basketball; I kinda enjoy their softball; and I am a season ticket holder to their gymnastics–it’s BIG here (as I’ve tried to help NWA get absorbed in the Gymbacks since before they even envisioned a team; of course, the Gymbacks are my favorite).

If you think I’m pro-Bama, it says more about you than me.

How’s the view from WAY UP there?

My two cents worth (which may be a little better than a plugged nickel) is that we can not start this game like we did the GA game. We must be competitive from the initial kick whether it be on O or D. Honestly I don’t think we will win, but as tough and gritty as this team has shown it can be, I think we can keep it close enough to give them a scare going into the 4th Q. We can’t make silly mistakes and we need to create a turnover or two as well. If the game is called evenly by the refs we have a shot. I don’t think we’ll be intimidated and I know we’ll play hard and hopefully not suffer game changing injuries. In other words things need to go well for us in pretty much every area, and then it all boils down to match ups and execution. Woo Damn Pig!

Kicking game, turnovers and penalties are important areas. Those are crucial in road upsets. And this would be an upset.

Mentally, you have to move on from celebrating two important victories.

I thought the Hogs were feeling too good about themselves after Texas and Texas A&M wins. Gotta have that attack mentality every week. They were on heels at Georgia. Nervous and maybe no swagger.

This is playoff time and Tide will be focused. Two good teams for them to play to get ready before Ga in SEC championship.

I think we have to get off to a good start if not they’ll start rolling…we have to stay within 7-10 at the half then hopefully somehow we can get the offense going.

This is not a great Bama team but it’s still a very good team with a lot of weapons that can hurt you very quickly. Young throws the deep ball very well and that has been our Achilles heel all year. We have to avoid letting them have those big chunk plays like we’ve given up to Ole Miss and Auburn.