Clay and board , “analytics” from the SP PC

Morning everyone hope all are doing well and are able to enjoy some Razorback sports and practices this weekend… gonna be nasty in Arkansas I hear….

I wanted to discuss something with the board about something coach Pitt mentioned in his PC yesterday…. “Analytics”…. And it got me to thinking…. Everyone is looking at 4th downs , and when and where to go for it on 4th down…. But to me, and I’m curious yalls thoughts on this, a strategic “on side kick” is just as impactful and the risk/reward might be more favorable…

I’m gonna use the Ole Miss game as an example, that was a quick strike shootout! Back and fourth we went… why not look at that and use a strategic on side kick to break up that back and forth? If it works out, you have positioned yourself to get out ahead… the risk being if you don’t recover, what have you sacrificed 30 yards ? 30 yards In a shootout like that Ole Miss game was nothing…

What do y’all think?

I would imagine that type stuff is included, but don’t know. Your example is a pretty good one. Neither side played much defense at all. Having the ball was key. What would you lose? Thirty yards was one play for ole piss. Still, odds of recovering an onside are low these days. Really, be pretty hard to boil all that down to a number.

Interesting thoughts.

There is merit to that. The main thought I have is that you are going to be facing a different Ole Miss quarterback and this does not apply for next year. Who knows? Maybe the next one is just as good, but that would be unusual.

Until you can consistently rush the passer, your idea is probably open for debate. It’s beyond me though.

Better hurry up and try it before kick offs get nixed altogether.


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