Clay: about quarterback for next season

What in the world are we going to do about quarterback? Will Starkel and J.S. Jones and Jefferson still be around? Will it even matter? Will we be going to the transfer portal again? Is Jefferson planning to stay?

I think Starkel can be very good with someone that can coach. I believe we have that now.

I think he needs a good QB coach, which we don’t have yet. His inaccuracy last season is probably due to bad footwork, which can be fixed. He was a much better passer at TAM than here, suggesting to me that his mechanics got sloppy. I also think KJ’s mechanics need some work as well.

Getting back to OP, Sam suggested he wants an RPO offense. That gives an advantage to KJ if he can fix the passing. Of course there’s a great deal of uncertainty until the staff is filled out. Transfer portal is a possibility, of course. Also Starkel can’t go anywhere, unless he decides to get a head start on his post-college life. Transferring is not an option.

Star kel can do down a level which appears to be what is occurring. Now down to kJ jsj and Lindsey

I think we’ll undoubtedly go after a transfer QB now. No way CSP and the new OC goes through spring and summer with just three QBs

Starkel is transferring! He won’t be here!

At some point we will need the staff to develop a QB! KJ, Lindsey and JSJ don’t have the experience on the field yet! Chances are they will see the files next season!
I was hoping Criswell would join the hogs and compete for some playing time.

I haven’t heard anything about Criswell being an early grad, so he’d be in the same boat KJ was in this year – not having spring to learn the offense and try to win the job.

None of those three are ready to play in the SEC. We must get a transfer in here. Even if Criswell comes, he is not near ready.

Hopefully we can get Duffey from TT, along with Criswell. We have to get another QB in this class though, preferably a grad transfer. KJ needs one more year to develop.

Just because we get a transfer doesn’t mean he’s going to come in and win the job. I’d say Duffey looks like he’d have a good chance but I think KJ could still be the starter, especially if our new QB coach, whoever he is, can fix his mechanics. I think Hicks, Starkel and KJ all needed someone who knew how to fix footwork.

Swine I don’t think he is an early grad but it would nice to see the hogs have a good QB learning the position and getting ready to hit the field.
Next season won’t be a barn burner anyway might as well develop these guys.
KJ Jefferson has huge up side he just lacks the reps.
Lindsey is undersized and not real fast.
We really may need a grad transfer but who?

There was a QB from Tech who has entered the portal. Some say he could help a lot!

There’s a transfer that’s ready to play in the SEC? Franks from Florida? Any other experience in the SEC. Starkel had SEC experience.

If the don’t get on the field, how do they get the experience?