Clay a few questions for you please sir

Hey man, hope you and the family are having a good summer.

Couple questions …

First are you going to SEC media days?

Second do you know when we will know something on the recruits that are yet in School… Patton, Brown, Melvin Johnson?

And last, what is your opinion on the loss of RWIII at running back in relation to the way are schedule lays out this year with the early off date? I think once we get to that Auburn game we could really see that need of the second TB or we will see the loss of RWIII really start to present its self. I think by that 5 game we play in a row we need one of the Freshman or the Transfer to be ready. Just wondering if that aspect has crossed your mind.


Clay is out of town on vacation. I can answer a couple of those questions.

Clay won’t be at SEC Media Days, but we will have reporters there.

Jeremy Patton and Melvin Johnson are supposed to be in Fayetteville for the second semester of summer school, which begins next week. Richard has reported that Montaric Brown should be fine, but is awaiting clearance from the NCAA. That can sometimes go up until around the start of practice.

I have left messages for them all and to the their coaches.

Will report back anything I find.

But I am told Montaric should be okay for sure.