I find it interesting that Wake Forest in 2017 came back to beat an SEC west team with Christian Kirk on it and with clearly more talent, 55-52 and 400 yards passing.

In 2018 they came back down 3 tds to beat Norvells Memphis team 37-34.

Wake is the smallest or second smallest div 1 school and last in the ACC recruiting rankings typically, although they have been climbing the ladder a little.

Talk about doing more with less.

Not lobbying for Clawson but that guy can coach what he has into winners over programs that have typically twice the talent he has.

No thanks. His best wins in 6 years are to NC State and Temple. 14-32 against teams with winning records.

How does he compare to the historical norm at Wake Forest? How is he performing given the school’s athletic budget, facilities, academic requirements, etc. in comparison to his conference peers?

Worst than Grobe over his 13 year tenure at Wake Forest. He was a name mentioned to replace Nutt at one point, and I do not remember people being very excited about that possibility.

0.418 in 6 years previous to Clawson, 0.486 in 6 years with Clawson. He has a losing record, which was one of your knocks on Morris BTW.

I’m not holding those early years at Wake against him. It’s a rebuild at the toughest job in the ACC. What do you expect?

The trend has been good and they are now achieving program best success in terms of consecutive bowl appearances, bowl wins, possible 9 win season, etc.

But you hold the early years of Morris at SMU against him? He was trending up too. I would argue that SMU is equally as tough if not tougher a rebuild as Wake Forest. So far his results are equivalent to Grobes, except Grobe won 11 games and a conference title in year 6. Also, wasn’t Clawson’s lack of offense at Tennessee the reason Fulmer was forced to resign?

In my opinion Clawson is a less successful Willie Fritz, but without recruiting ties to Arkansas footprint. Even if we do not get Campbell, I think we can and will get someone better than Clawson. He has too many similarities to CBB and CCM for my liking.

You both realize that Clawson is 36-38 at Wake with two games left in his first six years (after taking over a subpar program). Mike Leach in his first six at WSU was 38-38 after his first six years after taking over a subpar program.

Dog, you don’t like Clawson, but like Leach? Pretty much same.

I think they are both really good coaches at very difficult places. Prefer Leach but would be happy with both.

Prefer them both to Kiffin.

I don’t like Clawson for more than just the record. As I said he has not Texas ties, Leach does. Clawson would be essentially our version of Joe Moorhead, not a fit.

Might be, but so might Leach. I also think too many are concerned about Texas recruiting ties.

CBB’s best teams had kids from all over. His worst was majority Texas. Chad’s was majority Texas. Think we need someone who can get us national recruiting instead of just Texas

And in that particular aspect I think Kiffin and Leach have more of a name that gets us that type of attention. I also know they have attitudes which might not let them stay on long

Recruiting has and always will be geographical. Beliema tried to recruit nationally and we wound up losing a lot of our best in state guys to other programs and completely alienating ourselves from Texas high schools. Leach and Clawson may have similar first 6 seasons at WSU and WF, but that is it. Leach’s overall body of work is better than Clawson, who is barely over .500 in his career.

Between Clawson and Leach, I think there is more to it. Clawson has took over four programs in shambles and the first three he made double digit winners by the time he left. He has a chance this year to make it four for four.

Leach took over from Spike at TT, who had a career 6-5 avg. leach at TT had a career 8-4 (playing an extra regular season game, 7-5, 9-4 if you count bowls). At WSU very similar first 6 years. Also Leach only has two double digit win seasons Clawson has three and may get four.

Clawson may actually be the better coach for a rebuilding project (which is what we need). Leach maybe better off waiting until we are rebuilt before taking over and trying to improve.

But, I think it’s a moot point. I don’t think Clawson is being looked at, and Leach may end up as the coach, even though he might not be HY’s first choice