Classless Tennessee

Up 59-24 with about 1:30 to go, TN had 1st and goal inside the MU 5. Rather than taking a knee, TN tried to score. That’s poor sportsmanship and something I’m proud CSP wouldn’t do.


I can dream we have a chance to show that kind of sportmanship you refer to in COMO in a couple of weeks.

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Tennessee has 1 loss. They need to beat the brains out of every opponent they have on their schedule to try to impress the CFP committee!
But yes it is classless!


Didn’t we try to score up 17 with a few ticks remaining at BYU?

Eli Drinkwitz is a big boy and is handsomely paid to stop the opponent from scoring.

Backups deserve to get to their time to shine given the obvious hard work they’ve put in evidenced by Tennessee’s season.

This isn’t Catholic League basketball.

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We were not up 35 on BYU and while it was almost impossible for BYU to come back with 2 minutes left, it wasn’t impossible. Sam said we tried to score and they stopped us. Maybe we tried. Maybe we didn’t.

I don’t care whether this is “big boy” football or not, there’s no place for trying to make a 35 point rout a 42 point bigger rout. Besides, I don’t equate “big boy” with humiliating someone. If you do, that’s your business and not surprising to me

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Maybe Coach H don’t like Drinkwitz. Never bought into the “running up the score”. Missouri always has the option to REMEMBER and get the payback. Old school coach like Sam, call it class, but to me it’s no biggie either way.

Dorkwitz, would do it to the Hogs, given the chance.

Shouldn’t been talking :poop: Drinkwitz

There’s no difference between 35 and 42. Both are humiliating. You’re competing for the same recruits. You’re at home on a recruiting weekend. You’re trying to make the CFP.

Don’t like Tennessee scoring? Stop them. The backups are on scholarship too.

@neastarkie Arkansas and Sam have class and are 5-5

Tennessee and Huepel apparently don’t have class and are 9-1

Which would you prefer?

We were up 52-35 in Provo with a minute left to play and tried like Hell to score. They had no chance of coming back … come on!

Certainly didn’t take a knee.

If Sam had us in the CFB playoff I hope he scores as much as possible!

Now now. Sam is all class.

I saw a FB thread about this. As noted Eli mouthed of about the Vols preseason. That was what the last score was about.

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Dorkwitz is really unlikable. Soooo glad Hunter didn’t hire him. I would love it if we have a chance to do to him what Tennessee did.

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It was against Drink…for that reason alone i dont really care if they scored 80…

Drink has talked more crap toward other teams in the SEC than anyone. He deserves to get his brains beat out. I could only hope we could have that opportunity.


False equivalence. Being classless isn’t what got them to 9-1. Having didn’t cost us any wins.

Yes, 35 is humiliating, but adding 7 to it from the 2 yard line is just rubbing salt into the wound. It’s not like someone broke a run from 40 yards out

I don’t like him, either. I can think of only a few who deserve it more. But that has nothing to do with what TN did. If MU had done something like that to them last year, I’d have understood it. No excuse for it yesterday

It was a very slim chance but I remember a game a few years ago where SMU lost after being ahead something like 25 points with about 5:00 to go in the game. BYU was capable of scoring very quickly. We hadn’t really stopped them. We turned the ball over at about the 2 with about 1:30 or more left after running off 2 minutes on the clock inside the 10. Had we scored on 1st down, they’d have had over 3 minutes to go. I was ambivalent about scoring down there, but if we’d been up 35, I’d have strongly opposed it.

Catholic League basketball league … not sure about that example … try the Quaker brethren. :joy:

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