Classic Mike Leach

The sportswriters would love for Leach to be the head coach of the school they were covering…never a dull moment!


Unable to read this. What did he say?

Basically, he determined that a Ute with a rifle would be the most formidable. There was some concern expressed about whether a Sun Devil has mythical powers in the Harry Potter sense.

But anything I type does not do it justice. You must find a way to follow the link and listen. It’s among the best of the many great Leach commentaries. Pure gold.

Did you see his comment on Twitter? Someone had got offended about something he said and he told them, you don’t have to follow me, you read at your own risk.

I am guessing he’s not going to lose much sleep over any reactions he gets to almost anything.

Third time was the charm. Interesting question to ponder. As a frequent visitor to the Pac NW, I most fear the cougar, but only because the Grizzly roams in the Big Sky conference.

That is so freaking good. He is awesome. I could endure many losing seasons just to watch his press conferences. So if we don’t get on the winning train soon, sign him up and I’ll ride it out.

He wanted the job before Morris was hired.

If CSU had won, this post might have set off a Tsunami. :crazy_face:

It’s no secret.

To view it, click on the Tweet’s poster (Clay Travis). You will then be taken to the tweet itself and you can view the video.

He’s done a phenomenal job at WSU, somebody I respect and I always check the WSU boxscore. Yeah, his pressers ain’t bad either. :sunglasses:

Marty and McGee did an SEC battle of the mascots bit on their show last night on the SEC channel. At first they were going to go with Vandy, because a Commodore has a whole fleet of ships with guns, and then maybe thought the Crimson Tide would sink the fleet.

They did say right up front that a live Razorback was a really mean, tough beast, and gave us props over some of the others who only put people in animal costumes.

That was funny. I just love that show, especially when they get off topic and riff on other things.