Classes start today, right?

can’t wait for some weight room, player eval info to come out. very exciting time for Hog football, can’t wait for September!


They won’t be in the weight room this week. It can’t start until next week, per NCAA rules. This is a week for student-athletes to get acclimated with classes. It’s another one of those deals that the NCAA has decided to protect the players a little bit. Probably a good idea.

The spring semester begins today, but classes never really end at the UA. For instance, a January intersession ran from Jan. 2-12. Between all of the intersessions and the expanded summer school, it is nothing to shave a semester or two off a four-year plan if a student doesn’t mind going to school year-round. I wish it all would have been an option when I was an undergrad.

Yes, you can go to school all year round, but who can afford to that. Taking classes means finding money. Two semesters per year allows parents to afford it. And, I’m for having students work in the summer to help pay for it. That’s what my daughters did. And, they got jobs over the Christmas break. I think it’s more appreciated if the students help pay for the classes – and not pile up student loans.

I’m a little surprised we have not heard of any transfers before the start of the semester.

It would appear that most of the current Razorbacks are willing to give the new staff a chance and vice-versa.

I’m not sure it accomplishes much to transfer to another school in Jan. instead of May unless you are a graduate transfer.

I read there were a few not at the meeting last night.

Can you elaborate on where you read that?

Two had flight delays.

So what are the rules for the players and coaches starting next week? How much time are they allowed to workout for football and how much interaction with the staff?