Class ranking

I see the class is ranked from 18 to 22.

Tom Lemming’s rankings:

  1. Alabama, 2. Georgia, 3. Texas, 4. Miami, 5. Ohio State, 6. LSU, 7. Notre Dame, 8. Oregon, 9. Oklahoma, 10. Tennessee, 11. Florida, 12. Clemson, 13. Penn State, 14. USC, 15. Texas A&M, 16. South Carolina, 17. Michigan, 18. Auburn, 19. TCU, 20. Arkansas.

Pretty good company

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See where aggies went from the best class ever to 16, that didn’t take long. It’s not over yet I guess.

6- 4 starts 14–3 stars-and a WR, QB, DT & OT Not to bad…

Maybe the sky hasn’t completely collapsed.

I guess the Big12 isn’t so irrelevant



I guess the Big12 isn’t so irrelevant

2009 did you take a wrong turn somewhere down the road? Maybe get lost? Maybe you had some bad dreams and ended up here confused? Disoriented, maybe a fall that caused a concussion and thought you were in the Big 10, Big 12 something. You are taking your meds for your headaches?

Students, class is in session. This is what is known as a non sequitir. That is, the statement bears no logical relationship to the previously presented material. It literally does not follow. This is particularly relevant as both of the top rated Big 12 teams will very soon no longer be Big 12 teams, leaving the now top rated Big 12 team at #19. The lack of relevancy is as obvious as the emperor’s new clothes. Class dismissed.


But class, this comment is quite germane to a topic that is often bandied about on this forum.

While the topic is certainly worthy, the comment is not.

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TCU has one of the best seasons in school history, earned a spot in the 4-team playoff, and….has an almost identical class to a 6-6 SEC team.

So, what was your point??

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We sacrificed Football success by joining the SEC. While being a boon for other metrics, it’s been a disaster for W and L.

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Another scenario that’s plausible. Hogs stay in the SWC and eventually it folds (which is highly likely) then according to folks in the know we would not have been invited to join the Big 12. If that happened we’re looking for a home probably Sunbelt or worse.
Frank did the right thing…IMO

As usual, Frank was right.

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