Class ranking

So what did the class ranking end up being?

How good is that and how does it compare to past years. Will it help us?

247 composite - 20th - last season 25th
Just 247 - 13th - last season - 22nd

For this year, add in Haselton, transfer from OU - the #4 overall and 5 star recruit out of high school. and 4-star transfer per 247.

Also add in Landon Jackson, transfer from LSU, 4 star transfer per 247.

This class, including transfers and Rowser (if he signs), and this is the best Arkansas class in many years, and maybe in forever.


Seems to me the way they arrive at class ratings & rankings needs to be revised in light of the transfer portal. I’d bet Haselton & Jackson would boost us by 4-5 places or more unless those 4-5 schools immediately ahead of us also get a 5 star & 4 star from the transfer portal. I don’t know what Ridgeway, Williams, Utsey, would have done for our 2021 class had they been included, but we know they did wonders for our D.

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Yes, on paper it is a really great class….we need to check back in two years and see how the class progresses.

That’s exactly right and why I really don’t get caught up in all these rankings because we have no idea how they’re going to react to the major upgrade that is college football. 2 years from now we will find out who had a great class or not

12th nationally by Rivals and 18th by both ESPN and 247 Sports composite rankings.

I would not say forever just yet… the class that had Dmac and Felix Jones had a whole host of other talent as well. I seem to remember some group use to go back and re-rate classes after 5 years to show how productive they were compared to where they were originally rated. If I remember correctly the DMAC class was rated #1 or #2 in the “after 5 year” list. I think that will be our “FOREVER” best class.

Still, I am excited to see how well Pittman is recruiting here and I am pumped about this new class.

I just looked up what Haselwood and Jackson’s additions would do for the class, if they were both HS (with the same ranking).

247 would have put us at #10, Rivals would have bumped us to #10 as well.


This is progress. Let everybody think otherwize, right!

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