Clarion Ledger predictions and observations for OM v Arkansas

Ole Missy is big LV betting favorite to take it all which would obviously be MS part dieux.

That’s as fair of an evaluation as you could expect from an enemy journalist.

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Hard to argue with his logic, but it’s only a prediction. It isn’t fate.

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I don’t think Ole miss scores a lot early if Connor and Smith are on. The only thing that bothers me about Smith is he hasn’t thrown in 9 days in a game sometimes that extra rest can make you too strong and can mess with your accuracy which is never been a strong suit of his to begin with. He can shut them down if he’s on though. They hit Nolan pretty hard in Fayetteville but if he keeps the ball down like he has been I can’t see them being really all that effective.

The key for us will be can we do damage against a LH enough to get us a good early lead and allow us to dictate the flow of the game. Gattis is a junk thrower if I remember which means we’re going to have to be very patient and we’re going to have to go the other way when we have to.if we get good starting pitching that can give us five or six innings I like our chance to win the game


I am concerned at Nolan coming back on 3 days. He tried to come back too early in Stankwater and it was bad.

I’m not really that concerned about him coming back 3 days rest sometimes when you’re not as strong your breaking stuff is more effective. I actually think we will go with Smith with full rest, actually too much rest which is a concern for me. I think we saved Nolan for tomorrow even though there is no tomorrow if we don’t win today. I just think you’re wise to go with the more rested pitcher tonight, but if Noland throws I’m not concerned he’s got only 3 days rest.

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DVH said he was a possible option for tonight, but I doubt he does that. Might have been bluffing. Even though tonight is a must win, so is tomorrow. Seems to me we should go with the best of the rest tonight & if Connor can go tomorrow, he’ll be in better shape to go deep on the extra day of rest.

But, as always, I defer to the coaches. My opinion isn’t worth much. I trust theirs.

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I’m thinking Smith for two reasons: One, he’s a lefty, and OM has not hit lefties well. Monday was a case of Morris got himself in a hole and couldn’t get himself out of it, and then it snowballed in the bullpen. Two, the rest factor. I would not be at all surprised if Noland pitches Thursday with an extra day.

What would be really ballsy would be to try to get through OM without using Noland to save him for Saturday, and that could work out. Or it could blow up in our faces.


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