Somebody please clarify for me. We still have to make at least two hires, correct? One to replace the loss of Coach Smith (a DB coach to fill the role vacated by the promotion of Rhoades) and the newly added 10th Assistant Coach. Obviously there will be more if we lose any other members of the staff.

It won’t get clarified much because everything is rumor after the Rhoads promotion. It was known CPR would be announced last night since last week. I have heard nothing solid regarding Segrest v Partridge. CPR had the DB’s but will he keep his hand in it by hiring a Safety or Corners coach? The 10th coach isn’t going to be added until maybe April?

The 10th assistant position has not yet been approved by the NCAA. That vote is coming this week.

I’m not sure if it will be implemented for this season or next.

Right now, there is one coach to be hired on the defensive side of the ball, replacing Robb Smith.

Will it be a DB coach? I’d suspect that it would. Will Paul Rhoads still coach safeties or corners? Not sure. He could split that with a new secondary coach, with one taking corners, the other taking safeties. It may be that they name the new coach as a secondary coach and Paul just helps when he wants to teach something to a particular position.

It could be that the new coach takes corners and safeties and Paul takes the nickel position, since it seems like that’s the most commonly used scheme against the spread teams, or teams with three wide sets.