Is just a momentum killer. If we’re depending on him next year we’re in trouble. I wish he was streaky, he would be more consistent

can’t stand him,no defense and for the most part a very poor shooter.

He is one of many just left standing as his man under the basket gets the feed for a layup

True statement his skill level shows why he wasn’t highly recruited… I wouldn’t be mad if he and Gabe transferred I like TJ Moss as a replacement for CJ and a Juco or Grad to replace Gabe

seemed like cma was giving him every opportunity to get his groove, but cj’s shot either looks very smooth or herky jerky…today he was herky jerky.

He is not dependable period.

We only had three dependable players all season and when they have an off night which they deserve to have every now and again we have no one else to back them up

Say what you will about CJ, but at least he brings something to the table. Cant say the same for Beard. I understand he’s considered the floor general on the team, but he can’t create for himself or others and can usually be found jogging. I rooted for Beard for four years because he’s home-grown, but dang he’s lazy on the court.

I wish him the best.
Just somewhere else.
He brings very little.

If your biggest asset is you bring more than Beard, well…

We agree on something. He’s supposed to be a knock down shooter and time after time he bricks key, wide open 3s.

He hit the one surprise one to give us the lead but, really, but for a handful of games, he was a terrible shooter and got a lot of open looks.

CJ may or never become a dependable shooter. At the time we were behind by 8 or 9, he took a three-shot and missed; with plenty of time. Had he made it, it could have been a different game. However, nobody shot well. We played a poor game. They also killed us on the board. The better team won.

They shot 58% from the field. They had 11 boards on 31 misses. We won games this year rebounding worse. We didn’t win any giving up that kind of EFG% except against a bad Oral Roberts team in a laugher.

Bell was similarly inconsistent until his senior year when he got regular attempts as a starter.

CJ is ultra athletic… I’m talking Sonny Weems, Michael Qualls territory but you will never know it because he’s handicapped himself to being a perimeter spot up jump shooter!!

He doesn’t handle the ball well enough to be able to create his own shot off the dribble which is why the Freshman next season will dominate available PT if he returns as a Junior.

Gabe at 6’8 has more advanced ball handling skills which makes his potential valuable at the 3 behind Jordan and probable starter Day Day. (I expect Jordan Phillips to be the starter by the time we reach conference play next season)