CJ played a role in Darius leaving

A friend told me he talked to one of the players ,and CJ and Darius went on Spring Break together, and he was in his ear. I was told CJ has been planning to leave since November, which may play a role in why he slumped, if you don’t want to be a Hog , he may have put as much into developement. And maybe it came down to his defense, Coach A wanted more.

But I did hear some selfishness from Darius after Butler loss interview. He said that “I can’t do it all by myself” a team player would never say that. And if he is going to Memphis, big mistake. Penny cut him from team Penny. And Memphis has 3 of the top 100 players , and with the Pull Penny has in Memphis and NBA connects he has I expect him to get Chandler Lawson, who will play same position. Memphis was very smart to hire Penny. He was a legend in high school and a very good NBA player, and then went AAU to keep his name relevant with up and coming talent. I really think Penny will have Memphis back in the top 15 in 3 or 4 years. Darius is not that kind of talent. He benefited from the attention not being on him with our 3 superstars.

I’d take hearsay with a grain of salt. From mid-November to mid-December CJ averaged about 20 minutes and double digits in points. It seems unlikely to me that CJ could have been terribly upset about what was going on in November unless he was just homesick. After Christmas break he looked like a different player, which was one reason we got off to a slow start in SEC play. He looked unplayable for a while, but by March he was playing soundly.

Sidebar: Ironically the start of SEC wasn’t as bad as it seemed because the schedule was more frontloaded than it appeared at the time. We started with the SEC co-champs at home, then MSU on the road, and the SEC co-champs on the road. MSU wasn’t the cellar dweller that everybody assumed either.

I’ve always been about personal responsibility.

If you make a decision - be it good or bad - own it.

I don’t know whether CJ was in Darious ear or not. I do know others were, pumping him up to be more that he has been to this point.

Love the kid, think he has a chance to be a really good player, but - as with a lot of kids (hence the nearly 900 kids that transferred last season) - they are pumped up by those around them and then only they have to live with the decision.

It may work out for him. I personally root for everybody to succeed whether they are Razorbacks or not.

Well, that’s not true. If they are Lakers, Cubs, Redskins or play for Manchester City, that’s not really the truth.

Jealous because they’re better than the Celtics, Cardinals, and Man U?

I must have missed their total world championships being more than my teams.

That’s ashame. I thought both had solid upside. But depending on this next scholly and who gets it, we could have a nice squad. Mason appears a nice get, can really stroke it. Couple of nice bigs out there. Guys that could really improve the team a lot. I was hoping for a big and combo. Looking good.


I originally said Cowboys as well, but as a Cowboys fan, I just couldn’t go through with it.

Honestly, I don’t watch soccer, not a Laker’s fan (was a Kobe fan), but can’t stand the Cardinals (or Cubs).

I understand the resentment after a bad century for you guys.

I don’t root for the Cubs as a group, but love guys like Rizzo, Bryant, Carl Edwards and Ben Zobrist.

And kind of Jason Hayward, but he obviously made me mad.

No, can’t stand the Cubs either, had a roommate that was an tOSU and Cub fan. Made me cheer for anyone that plays them, even cheer for Texass over tOSU. Braves fan. For more than one reason. At one time they had a good team, and their players were actually very good guys. Do agree on Hayward

Darius changed AAU teams a few times because he wanted to be a guard. I think he wanted to play the two but he was just not skilled enough to do it.

I have no doubt that people around him were telling him he should be one and done among other things. Its crazy to me that anyone that had his best interest would not be honest with him and tell him he is not a one and done player.

Hopefully he lands in a good situation and things workout for him.

As is evident on this forum, it is about what have you done for me lately. ManU chat boards are very entertaining. It is like Yankees having the largest payroll but not winning the World Series.

Based on everyone I talked to about how Darious thinks, UALR is the best place for him to be The Man. That is what he really wants to be.

Wait, Dudley, what?

I thought you were a Celtics fan?

I am a Celtics fan, which is why I don’t like the Lakers from back in the day.

Is Manchester United a town near Altheimer in Southeast Arkansas? Maybe it’s closer to Wabbaseka than Altheimer. It could be closer to Humphrey…never heard of it.

You guy’s have no idea how painful it is to be a Dolphins, Marlins & Heat fan right now…

Thank God

I go with Razorbacks, Cardinals, Cowboys, Forrest City Mustangs, anyone playing Texas or ND.

Never understood this hate for Texas, but love for the Cowboys. Sounds like an oxymoron

My initial disdain for the Cowboys, back when they were losing the Ice Bowl, was that they were from Texas. Only later did the America’s Team crap get under my skin. The first (and only) NFL toy helmet I requested from the parents was the Redskins, who at the time were the most likely NFC East team to beat the Plowboys.