CJ O' Grady

I would like to finally see the backstory on him leaving with a few games to go. Was he one of the BB holdovers that was not on board with CCM? Could Barry Lunney convince him to come back or is that water under the bridge. I’m hoping, whatever happens, he ends up getting a shot in the NFL.

Lunney shut that down today. No. CJ is done. CJ needs to grow up apparently. Not sure why we’re still talking about him. Good player physically. But his mental antics make him average to bad, and maybe too toxic for any NFL team to pick high.

CJ had issues all during his career. Both staffs tried to get to him, but he was his own worst enemy.

He’s lucky the coaches were as patient with him as they were. Especially this summer.

Irun, watch the presser Monday. I was glad to hear someone ask if CJ could return, but almost before they were finished asking the question, Lunney said fairly emphatically-no way possible, and moved on.

And he is CJ’s position coach.

So I guess the rumor that CJ was a “team spokesperson to ask if KJ could play qb” and CCM was mad and released him, seem to be just false info. Whatever he did, his position coach is now the head coach, and about to head to LSU with a weak roster, and won’t even for one second consider taking him back. wow.


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I thought CJ had finally turned the light on. Have to commend both staffs for working with him not just because of his talent but I think honestly trying to help him as a person, knowing his background & childhood.
Although it’s not an excuse in CJ’s case, but losing just creates such a bad atmosphere with bad reactions.

In CJs case I totally agree he was his own worst enemy, but there’s a long list of players that left the program or fell out of favor after CM arrived that I now feel were scapegoats for Morris’s failures. And Devwah one carry on Senior Day, what an injustice!!!

I may be totally wrong and naive, but it would seem to me that football coaches whose egos and bank accounts are fueled by winning football games would be prone to play the players who practice best, can be relied on, etc. So I did not assume it was all Chad’s fault. He is gone, I find no real added benefit in denigrating him and further building a case in what now is a moot point.

I don’t know about Whaley getting only one carry was an injustice. You take away one of Boyd’s eight carries? Or one of KJ’s 16 carries?

The injustice was not having an offense that could move the chains and keep the defense off the field … or a defense that could get off the field so the offense had more possessions. That’s the injustice.

CJ O’Grady had so many chances it’s probably ridiculous. He went through multiple suspensions and generally the suspensions were after multiple warnings by the head coach, the offensive coordinator and position coach. That’s under two staffs. It goes back to high school and I know specific instances over the last seven years. How he lasted this long, I’m not sure.

His latest episode (or whatever you want to call it) came after several weeks doing right to the point he was named offensive captain for the Alabama game.

I heard the rumor that the suspension came after he protested which QB would play. That isn’t what happened.

You would split the 11 total carries the three running backs got differently? That’s eight for Boyd, one for Whaley, one for Hammonds?

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Bingo Clay nailed it, and the amount of run plays went to more pass plays by mid 2nd quarter as we were getting our butts kicked

In some respects because of the dearth of talent it seems giving cj so many chances other players may have resented Morris and the appearance of favoritism

I’ll be "that guy’ and say this…I’m really not understanding the need to continually post negative things about O’Grady once he was dismissed/quit. EVERYONE (included those who knew his history) was singing his praises when he was catching passes and scoring TDs. Why come out now with the negative slants?
If you were silent then about his “issues”, remain silent now!

I think we often talked about his lack of maturity. Is he a bad kid? As far as I know, he’s just immature and lacks the discipline. I hate it because he could’ve played four or five years in the league and been set for life. Now he’ll probably get a free agent try.

OK be whatever guy you think you need to be, but I seem to remember that much of the CJ talk was used as piling on material on Morris (making CJ kind of a victim for speaking against coaching decisions) and many responded to acknowledge that while Morris may have had many issues, some even with CJ, it was less than accurate to cast CJ as not part of his own problems.

I guess we had lots of players this year that thought they were better Coaches than what the UA hired.
In fact they knew coaches scheme wasn’t going to work so why even try.
I’m sure they will make great coaches someday. Might even get hired here, lol.

Silent? Every reporter I’ve read has mentioned CJ’s lack of maturity and other issues.

No piling on here. At all.

Hard not to report suspensions.

Morse had plenty of reasons to be fired without including CJ’s attitude problems.

Again I’ll say. I don’t recall anyone going into this much depth about O’Grady’s issues while he was performing and producing.
Why the need to do so now?
No one brought it up after he scored, when he caught a pass or when he blocked.
It was sing his praises and give a generic comment about him being a discipline problem.
This goes hand in hand with the cheering for the head coach until he’s fired. Then all kinds of “I knew there were issues with him all along” posts start appearing.
Why hold your nose and not say anything while a coach or player is here? If something is rotten, report or post what you know in real time. It just seems sleazy and unnecessary to me.

It’s brought up because the question was asked would he be re-instated by Lunney. That’s when you discuss it. If it’s a question to as why not re-instate him, then I think you say why.

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I have always been very clear that CJ was in essence good kid, but not a mature or responsible one.

He has always agreed with that characterization of himself.

Nothing has changed.