CJ Jones

CJ is averaging 18.4 and hitting 53% from the three point line for Middle Tennessee. For good measure he’s perfect from the Free Throw Line… where was that with the Hogs?

I think it was making rap videos with Dustin Thomas while disrespecting it’s coach. We don’t need no DJ CJ. We traded up for Joe Jones.

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I remember it was there with the Hogs. He started off his sophomore season just as hot from the three. I remember posts where it was said it looked like he would never miss. Then the season got into the conference portion, he cooled off and then confidence factor took over and he wasn’t hot like that,

He is now two years older and looks to be physically more mature and having sat out a year also mentally stronger. He will definitely cool off than what he is hitting now, but probably not as bad as he did here.

Reminds me of Dusty Hannahs. Dusty was hot and cold at Texas Tech but after sitting out a year here became a more a consistent shooter as well as developing other phases of his offensive game.

Yes he was shouting similar percentages his SOPH ya. After the Christmas break he went ice cold and he wasn’t much help if he wasn’t hitting from outside.

That shot he has is sweet so I’m not surprised to see him bounce back.

CJ had trouble on the defensive end which I think cost him playing time.

And that would put him on the bench with Coach Muss

Yes, there were a lot of posts back then that CJ did not like to play full court pressure defense and Mike limited his minutes because of that. No defense, no okay.