CJ Jones

He must be really, REALLY bad at something. We know he can shoot (over 50% on 3s this season), he is long and super athletic, and was the surprise of the summer in Spain (I believe finishing as the leading scorer despite relatively low minutes). I believe Dudley thought at the time that he had the most upside on the team (?).

So what gives? Is there a strategy behind bringing in these 6’3"-6’5" guys with a bunch of upside (Babb, Whitt-to lesser extent) and then not playing them and running them off? Because it’s sure feels like the same song, third verse with Jones.

Am I missing something? What is soooo bad about Jones that despite all of his potential and positive production during his few opportunities that he can’t even sniff the floor in a 28 point loss???

My exact thoughts!

i hope he doesn’t transfer after the season. he has good size to shoot over zones, has a sweet shot.

I still think he has the most upside on the team.

And I have heard nothing indicating he is unhappy here and thinking of transferring.

He wants to play, of course, but he is willing to wait until it is his time - which my come down the stretch or next season when Dusty and Manny have exhausted their eligibility

I believe that if he was practicing well he would be getting some minutes. He has been battling an ankle issue, but I am not sure if that had anything to do with him not playing on Saturday.

Defense. He’s really, really underdeveloped there. And, it’s apparent almost every time he steps on the court. He has no idea where to be.

What RazorAg said

He would seem to fit right in if defense is his problem.

I agree and believe CJ should see time other than end of game situations. Same goes for Adrio Bailey with the lack of productivity from the 4-- he is active and a good athlete. Orlando Cook brings us the defense and rebounding but Dustin Thomas has not been consistent. And as someone says CJ has problem has a defender, he fits right in because there are only a couple of guys who are solid defenders.

Scotty Thurman needs to earn his assistant coach salary and teach him how to be a pure shooter and play Some D.

If anything, okst showed us that it doesn’t matter if we add 25 points to our offense if we can’t play any better D

Like others have said, his help defense and off-ball IQ are bad.

He still has the highest ceiling on the team, in my mind.

I love Scotty, but if it was as simple as a former player/assistant coach teaching him how to play defense it world be TJ

Right I would have thrown him into the fire with Baily early season more and you might have 2 more double digit players right now with CJ doing what Weatherspoon for Miss ST is doing with 20 to28 point games here and there and still getting all round better! We got a team where we need some four star players playing when you finally have one!

Don’t think CJ was a 4 star. If I remember correctly he was not recruited very heavy.

C.J.'s main problem is that his coach does not know how to work him into the lineup when the top eight or nine players cannot play defense consistently well.