CJ Jones

I did not see C.J.'S injury. How bad was it? I hope not too severe.

I didn’t see the fall, but for the longest time he wouldn’t straighten out his leg. It was serious enough that CMA came out to comfort him. The good news was he put pressure on it and walked off on his own.

I don’t know man, I have seen players do that and then be out for the season. Just recently my QB Carson Wentz played an entire series, threw a TD and then was out for the season.

Yeah it means nothing. I walked around for years with an ACL tear until I hurt it again and got a MRI. Remember Madre Hill coming back into the SEC Championship with one?

We DO NOT have depth at guard and it could be even worse if CJ is hurt. Some of our fans talk about us having good depth but that is a fallacy. We have to many guys at the 4 and even 3, but very few guards and bigs. We do not have the guard depth to play 2-3 games over 3-4 days with the way trapping man, switches and pressing wears down our limited guards. Good guards like Chiozza can wreck our trapping man with drives or passes to open 3 shooters.