CJ Jones

He’s listed at 166, but looks much bigger than that in pics/video. Has he gained that much since being on campus? I would guess he’s close to 190.

I don’t know and havn’t seen him when in HS or later, But 6’-5" and 166 lbs would look rail thin at any time I think.

Planning on watching them play pick up soon.

I will report back

If he’s at or near 6’5" and I think he is, he’s got to be closer to 185 than 166 imo.

I’ve heard he is a legit 6-5, but very skinny at this point. He’ll have to get stronger and I wouldn’t be completely shocked if he redshirts. Playing time will be hard to come by this year.

On the other hand, the same person says he may be the team’s best NBA prospect down the line and is the best athlete on the team. Said he can hit his head on the rim and also really shoot it.

he’s gained 10 Lbs…better play him if he’s nba material

According to just released player specs in another thread C J is at 175lbs. Still a little frail for his height, but who knows and by November he could be in the 185lb range and much stronger.

I’ll cast my vote in favor of the opinion that he may well be the team’s best athlete and one of its best scorers. And while he is slender he is not “very skinny”. He would benefit from about 10 more pounds of muscle, which he could certainly achieve by the time the season arrives. Also it seems counter-intuitive that someone who is a possible NBA prospect would be held out a year of his 2,3 or 4-year stay in Fayetteville.

Yeah, I get where you’re coming from. I think they were just trying to say his combination of size, athletic ability and shooting touch give him a chance to develop into an NBA-type prospect down the road when he starts to put everything together. Right now he’s obviously behind the older guys and has to add a lot of strength, even at 175 or whatever he actually is.

I’m anxious to see some of the workouts for myself the next few weeks.

He and Adrio Bailey are the same height, 6’5 or so with shoes on. He is still skinny but is gaining good weight at a pretty good pace. Hopefully he will get to about 185 or so by the time the season starts.