Cisse commits to Rebnecks

Wants to play for Domestic Assault by Choking.


They deserve each other.

Coach Beard is rebuilding well. I am sure the controversy is hurting him with some recruits, but apparently not all. He started off the portal season with a bang by getting commitment from #13 transfer recruit.

Classy post Swine.

Well we all know he’s going to develop a tough team so I’m not surprised one bit. He’s got twin towers there now it’s 7’5 and 6’11.

Can’t wait to watch TB and, hopefully, Holland dunk all over those twin towers.:sunglasses:

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This is Cisse’s second transfer. Wonder if he has to sit out a year.

I think a whole lot of people are assuming the NCAA doesn’t have the cojones to make people like Cisse sit for a year. We’ll see if their assumption is correct.

The NCAA lost their cajones years ago. If they ever had any…


The NCAA lost their cajones years and years ago… now they only identify as having them, but when the rubber meets the road, they are a sackless blunder.

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I think they lost the onions, as Bill Raftery would say, after they gave Smoo the death penalty. It scared them out of ever seriously dropping the hammer on anyone again. Remember, Alabama came very close to the death penalty in the 90s for the Albert Means mess; if they had stonewalled like SMU did they would have been gone. But nobody else has come close.

We have a family member who is a prosecuting attorney in a small county in Alabama. A Bama grad and huge fan. Me, his father in law and my brother in law went to the Bama/Hog game together in 2001. All three huge Razorback fans. The entire drive from Jasper AL to Tuscaloosa the Bama fan blamed Phil Fulmer for the NCAA penalties Bama got for the Means fiasco. He said if Phil had not turned them in they would have skated by. I asked Bill if he was an officer of the court. He said sure….why? I said so it’s okay to break the law or cheat if you don’t get caught…right. I had him. He said no but he still hated Phil Fulmer.

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@LDhog, of course! It is easy to hate on Phil Fulmer.

Never met a Kip’s big boy or Krispy Kreme he didn’t like.

In certain corners, the SEC is becoming the Conference of second chances. Not of Coaches and players needing a place to restart their careers, but where their parole officers know where they are.

Yeah but they’ll always have the forced sit out of Connor Vanover in their trophy case.

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