Cincinnati won't name starting QB

Fickell says the Bearcats have determined their starter, but won’t announce it prior to Saturday.

Well imagine that LOL… I wouldn’t either it’s
very difficult to prepare for 2 different style QBs. The dual threat QB gives me the most concern, but I believe they will go with the better passer in Bryant

I’ve looked at a couple public message boards in Cincinnati. All their posters appear certain Bryant will start. They don’t think it’s even close. Having no inside info, just based on the experience of each QB, it really does seem like a no-brainer choice. Bryant has 3 years experience in the system as a back-up followed by a very good statistical season as a starter at Eastern Mich last year. I’d bet we spent lots more time scheming for Bryant.

Could be problematic for our DLine, however, I believe tOSU passed on him, as a local product.


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