Cincinnati is not that good

Ever since Cincy beat ND the media has been all over them as one the best teams in the country. Other than ND they have played an easy schedule. There opponents have a combined record of 65 wins and 78 losses which includes ND! I wish they would play Georgia and understand how it feels to play a real team!

they gave Georgia all they wanted last year in the bowl game.

I suspect UGA was disappointed to be in that bowl last year. If so, that affects a team’s performance. If games go as I expect they will this year, Cincy & UGA will meet in the CFP semi-final. Cincy will meet an inspired & motivated team. UGA should win easily.

The playoff will determine how good Cincinnati is. That team has won all of its games, which is the ultimate goal.


While the record of our opposition was 80 wins and 63 losses, quite a difference! Cincinnati would be lucky to finish 4th or 5th in SEC West!

I hope Georgia clobbers them!

Stop… You just hating. They’re a very good program and did what they need to do.

Lucky for us next year, Fickell and Ridder are both out.

Schedules don’t lie I don’t hate them but facts don’t lie!

Why? This is sports. Besides, since when is it “hate” to believe a team is not very good? It might be an inaccurate assessment, but hardly hate.


Agree and thank you!

I imagine their best record would be 8-4 if they played our schedule.

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Agree which makes our record so impressive and within a point of being 9-3,!

There you are! Starts this week w the championship games, Cincy has to win again, say what you want, perfection is never easy. Voice of reason here. :sunglasses:

Yup, opinion. Say what you want, we gonna find out! :+1:

Cincinnati is one of only 2 teams in D1 that lead the nation in the “Top 10” of both offensive and defensive stats. The other is Georgia; and we saw how UGA demolished our Hogs. Perhaps Cincy did not play a full “SEC” schedule, but they beat ND badly at Notre Dame [an otherwise 1 loss team]; they blew out a solid Wisconsin team [no one else blew them out], and they won 6 road games. For perspective, our Hogs won only 2 on the road this season.

Maybe not playing as solid of a schedule as Georgia, or Alabama, or Michigan, but they are rightly up there; as noted they beat non-conference foes Notre Dame and Wisconsin, not Charleston Southern.

Cincinnati has not played Wisconsin this year but they are a very solid team especially defensively. Perhaps you were thinking of Gus malzahn’s UCF team who they beat 56-21

Yep, I guess I hate Wisconsin so much I dreamed that up. Thanks for checking me.

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Cincinnati won at Indiana this year. That looked like a great win at the time, but Indiana struggled.

If Cincinnati ends up playing Georgia, they will be embarrassed just like the rest of the SEC. Doesn’t mean they don’t have a good team, but it’s not on the same level as the bulldogs (no one is this year). Georgia has 21 Five Stars, not sure that Cincinnati has one. It makes a large difference, ask our Hog players.

In the 247 Talent Composite rating, which is basically a star count for the whole roster, Cincy has 626 points (7 4-stars and no 5-stars), ranked 54th in the country. Alabama and Georgia both have 1001 points. (We have 722). But Notre Dame has 853 points and Cincy whipped their butts in South Bend. A&M, Texas and LSU all have much higher composite rankings than we do and we beat all of them. Ole Miss is barely above us and went 10-2. Okie State is well below us and went 11-1.

Repeat after me, folks. Stars ain’t everything. Cincy only has the third best composite score in the AAC,

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