Cincinnati is fixin to

Learn that being a mid major is a step down from the SEC.

G5 does not belong in a 4 team playoff, ever

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This will at least show everyone across college football the truth. If Alabama paste Cinncy it will prove the point. If Cinncy can keep it close it will justify them getting the 4 spot.
To start next season our hogs start with a game against Cinncy so we could provide further proof with a win.

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Bama keeps making one mistake per drive and that is keeping Cincinnati in it right now.

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Cinci looks good, but this has all the makings of a loss because of lack of talented depth written all over it. I expect Bama to pull away in the 4th quarter.

Still, Cinci is playing hard. They should be proud.

They should be proud and play hard etc and so on. Everything you expect to hear about a G5 team playing a P5 team.

They don’t belong in the playoffs.

Well, to be fair, they look better than Georgia did up to this point. Haha



The only thing keeping the score down is Bama being able to run at will

So who should have been in their place?

Notre Dame or Ohio State probably. Heck, even Baylor or Ole Miss.

All are better, significantly better, teams.

Well Notre Dame certainly is not because Cincinnati beat them 24-13 in Notre Dame…
Ohio State got beat by pretty pathetic Oregon team all those teams have their warts.
I think Cincinnati deserve the shot to see what they can do especially as well as they played against Georgia last year


I don’t think Cinncy is going to be able to keep this game close. The 3 rd quarter should provide some breathing room for Bama.

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You lost all credibility with “Notre Dame” lol

Cincinnati trying to stop the run with only 5-6 in the box… Not going to happen…

If Cincinnati played Notre Dame 10 times this year, they would lose 9.

Cincinnati is in the playoff because of politics. Not because they are the 4th best team in the country.

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Notre Dame played 2 ranked teams all year and split those 2. Maybe you should look again. And both those games were at home.Cincy played 2 ranked teams and won both…

OK sounds good. Then the Notre Dame win is meaningless since they are so bad.

We are back to Cincinnati still doesn’t belong because their signature win was against a team that isn’t that good.

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Alabama’s OL starting to look bad again they’re having a hard time pass blocking these guys… there RT is not very good at all worst I’ve seen at Alabama

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So far the Hogs played Bama closer than Cincy.


I just watched the highlights and stats. Better IMO.

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Bama psy ops division. Jameson Williams went in the tent and Cincy got all excited, Kobe Bryant reported as saying, “He’s hurt! He’s hurt!”. Then he came right back. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a team employ this tactic. :joy: