Cincinnati drops men's soccer

Program is a direct victim of “uncertainty” connected to COVID-19. I suspect quite a few schools outside the Power Five will cut sports, and possibly some P5 schools as well. We’ll see if Yurachek makes any announcements like this.

When you’ll know schools are really hurting is if they start cutting women’s sports. Very hard to do with Title IX unless you also cut men’s sports.

When we spoke to Yurachek last week he said he has no plans to cut sports.

CORRECTION: That was when Yurachek was on the Finebaum show (the interviews kind of run together). This is what he said:

“There’s no conversation, at least on our campus, about eliminating any sports. We’re proud to have 19 sports programs and that’s what my colleagues on the senior staff here at the University of Arkansas, we have talked about if we’re going to make budget cuts, we’re going to start making budget cuts that have zero impact on the quality of our student-athlete experience. That’s a challenge to make that happen because so much money is invested in the experience of our student-athletes. We’re not going to take away from the experience of our student-athletes. That’s why we do what we do. That’s why we’re here. So there’s not going to be any type of sports that will go by the wayside. I’ll speak frankly for the University of Arkansas, that’s never been discussed.”

That may be the plan now, but if we aren’t able to have a football season in 2020 - 21 that may change.

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