Cincinnati at Arkansas - 2022 Week 1 Simulation (NCAA 14 w/ updated rosters)

Not that updated since Crawford is the punt returner.

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I was like….uhhhhhhh….he gone

Wait a minute! Is NCAA Football 23 really available? They shut the whole thing down afraid of law suits. Here is what I could find on this:

NCAA Football returns next Summer. This is just the last one they made with updated rosters. There are a group of hardcore fans who go through and make "accurate’’ rosters every year so they can keep playing NCAA '14, the last version they made. If memory serves Denard Robinson is on the cover.

First game, work out some kinks. A win is a win GO HOGS!!!

Is that for sale?

You can buy an old used copy, don’t know how much that runs.

Depends on which gaming system you use, but here’s the eBay page for the Xbox 360 version.

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