Cincinnati a night game?

I know it’s really early but wondering if anyone had heard anything regarding Cincy potentially being a night game? I think we have earned a few, especially in September.

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Game times won’t be announced until the late spring or summer.

Thanks Matt. That is what I figured. I was just hoping maybe someone had heard some whispers that it was at least a possibility.

I think there’s a good possibility that will get a decent TV spot given Cincy was a playoff team this year and is still expected to be good (if not quite that good) next year.

Also that weekend: Florida plays Utah. Bama plays Utah State, which was top 25 this year. Jawja plays Oregon in Atlanta. LSU plays Free Shoes in the Superdome. Not a bad first weekend actually; relatively low cupcake count.

That is a pretty good schedule for the Labor Day weekend.

I think LSU playing FSU on Sunday improves the possibility of us getting a Saturday night game. Guessing UGA/OR will be a mid-afternoon game and since it’s in the Dome heat won’t be a factor.

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Not that I think this will happen to Arkansas-Cincinnati, but there is a chance opening-weekend games get moved to a different day with no NFL games to compete for TV time.

There’s always a Labor Day Monday night game that weekend.

The candidates for SEC Network/Network Plus games, with maybe one game played on the opening Thursday night, would probably be:

Vandy/Elon (SEC Plus almost a lock)
A&M/Sam Houston State
Ole Miss/Troy
South Carolina/Georgia State
Tennessee/Ball State
Kentucky/Miami Ohio

ESPN in one variety or another or SEC Thursday night seems more likely for:
Alabama/Utah State
LSU/Florida State
Miss State/Memphis

One or two of those games might get moved to prime time slots other than Saturday. We could still end up with a day game on an ESPN channel.

As they say, someone in a town other than Fayetteville will probably decide this.

LSU-Florida State is already scheduled as the Sunday night game.

Elon will actually be Vandy’s second game; they go to Hawaii Aug. 27 to play in their temporary stadium. Dores might actually be 2-0 before the wheels fall off.

Hey Matt, isn’t that for the neutral sight games?

I’m going to that game …. NOLA will be sticky nasty hot , but we are going…


It’s an interesting game, more to see which coach in a high pressure situation starts out on the wrong foot. FSU needs a win worse than LSU. On the other hand, LSU’s fan base, never a patient bunch, would not take losing to a recently lower-tier ACC program well.

There are on-campus games played other days that week. Notre Dame-Florida State, for instance, was on Sunday last season.

Like I said, I have no reason to believe Arkansas-Cincinnati is going to be moved away from Saturday, but I would not rule it out until the game time is finalized. There is a lot of TV inventory to fill that week.

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