Chuck's calls from last night … -point-co/

Well done, Chuck, as always!

Chuck is the best. I hope they find another role for Coach Zimmerman.

Yea, I was kinda thinking same thing. What was he doing in the background there? Kinda rooting/coaching all at the same time while Chuck was trying to make the call.

Matt is a coach at heart. That’s what it sounds like he’s doing on the air this year - coaching. I listened to the UT-Arlington game on my way to Starkville in November and it sounded like he was literally yelling at Dustin Thomas to box out. I listened to part of the Kentucky game earlier this month and he was complaining about the officials. Those are things you do when you’re on the sideline and I guess it’s hard to turn that off.

I haven’t talked to Matt about this, but I’ll be interested to see how long he is in that analyst role. He loves being at Arkansas, but I know he loves coaching and he’s young enough that he has a lot of years left that he can do that. He told me before the season that the inability to be on the floor coaching in practice and the awareness that he wouldn’t be sitting on the bench were the hardest parts of his reassignment. He said he had been on a bench for 30-something basketball seasons, counting his years as a player and manager, and this would be his first not to be there.

Yea, I bet it’s an adjustment. I haven’t listened to a whole game on the radio this year, except for the Little Rock game. I just noticed he was coaching in the background while chuck was calling on this particular clip, and I’ve heard other guys on other boards talking about what you were describing.

Speaking of him coaching, didn’t he and Coach Cleveland both apply for some head coaching position last off-season? I thought I remember their names being linked to some openings.

I know TJ has been mentioned for some vacancies in past years, but I have never heard about Matt being in the mix for any.